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For Sale Ebay Bikes

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Rob, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Not having the number plaque, wrong brake rotors, wrong screen deeply effect it's value I feel. Strange a low milage bike has disc replaced, maybe ex track missile? The white wheels are nasty as well.
    Edit; I'd still like to own it!
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  2. The plaques on the top yoke my friend,I do know that all 888 had KM's clocks,just not sure about this particular model as well,?,and yes the wheels have been powder coated by the looks of things.Yes originality is the key for a happy rideout & ownership.:upyeah:
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  3. Has had the speedo and rev counter changed by looks... as the temperature needle is faded with age against the other two very new looking orange needle pointers.
  4. It says the top yoke plague has 'been lost' (probably nicked & glued on FS1E) in my view this sadly affects value in a big way.
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  5. How strange as the photograph says different...fecking sale people what do know anyway.:punch:
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  6. It certainly is nice besides the niggles and like you say it would be nice to own and if you had it chuck a few quid at it.
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  7. On the last photo you can see the top of the plaque.
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  8. Agreed but it could be a blank one just placed there with no number engraved.:thinkingface:
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  9. I think it deserves to be seen in the flesh and picked within an inch of its life.
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  10. Nearer You than Me location wise....good luck and keep me on speedial if they lock you up.
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  11. As far as i can see on google maps it's an industrial estate the other side of the train trak to Snells. Might pay it a visit seeing the weather is good although it pissed down here last night but the temp is high so roads will be dry by now.
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  12. Keep us informed if you do venture out and check the plastics,because i can see a hairline cracks in that seat unit around the bolt area.
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  13. Park Lane (UK).

    It’s on their stock list.

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  14. Somebody obviously just wanted it, did you ever enquire about it, i can't remember?
  15. Nope.as way overpriced for my small wallet.;)
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  16. Looking at it again it was bloody nice.
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  17. said by my last dentist
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