Editing Profile ?

Discussion in 'Forum How To's' started by GaryO, May 4, 2016.

  1. It was a smiley DB that has long been eradicated from the long lost fun days of smiley utopia, not as it now appears :(
  2. It was a dark, dark day indeed for the forum when we lost our nice smileys and got those crap ones instead : o (
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  3. : o (
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  4. Dear

    Can you please change my rides to...

    1980 MHR 900
    1993 900 SS
    1995 750 SS
    1997 750 SS
    2015 Scrambler Classic

  5. Done
  6. Cheers for that!
  7. Could u add 1098s to my list of bikes please.
  8. Could you change it back so people can do it themselves again Daddy Kim Jung Old :)
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  9. Done
  10. Can you remove Panigale S from my rides But add Multistrada 1200S DVT

    Ta much
  11. Done :)
  12. Ta
    Cheers but looked at it again & the 999 film restauration's been sold too, needs chopping off.
    Can you do the necessary.
    Ta much again
  13. Done. Now stop changing things for a while ;)
  14. :joy::upyeah:
  15. Hi, recently joined and would like to change my name to Rich69. Tried to do it myself but the "compooter" said no. :-(
  16. No can do, someone already has that username. Pick another and let me know and I'll do it for you.
  17. Bummer, How about "Wiseric" :)
  18. whilst were on this subject......see what I did there.......

    can we have a .gif as an avatar ?????
  19. Done :)
  20. Have you tried? If the forum software won't let you then the answer is no.
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