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EFI to carbs anyone ?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by serg, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hi all , have'nt been on a forum in ages so it might take me a while to get used to it [​IMG] . My Name is Serg and im from the island of Malta , I have been riding bikes for the past 20 years , I had bikes of all makes and cc's and I like to travel with my bike every year.

    I have a 1999 M600 , last week I bought a Cagiva grand Canyon 900 ie , I took out engine and all harness including the fuel injection system and ECU , too many wires and the ECU is very big ! I took all the wire loom including the injectors and manifolds , now its just a bare engine, the only thing that is different from my 600 is the pick up sensor .
    I intend to put this engine on my monster , Is it possible to mount this engine (900ie) using my 600 manifolds .carbs (re-jet them) and wire harness converting it into carbs ? anyone ere did this ?

  2. Andy Challis did this when he transplanted a 620 motor into his 583 chassis. He changed to FI the following year...and won the title ;-)

    No idea what would happen with a 900. Why not drop madasal a line? Or Louigi? Likely if anyone has, he has
  3. As you say the ignition pickups are different however the (old style) pickups should fit to the newer casing? (my 916 has the old type pickup mounting points in the cases) but you would also need the old-style flywheel/alternator etc. unless you are modifying the ignition system. I'm not sure if this is an easy fit due to the single-phase vs. 3-phase alternator/crank?
  4. So what if i use the 600 stator with pick ups in my new 900 ?
  5. Cheers ! so you reckon that i could get the flywheel and alternator out of my old 600 ,,,,,they should fit the 900 no ? im not sure if i want to modify the ignition cos it sounds pricey !
  6. I believe the 900i has a 3-phase alternator? if so the flywheel & alternator will be different and also (I think) the crankshaft so the flywheel won't fit the crank? Of course anything can be done if you have the determination/skills/money.

    If you go down the Ignitech route you could get the version that uses 1 pickup and so use the newer style pickup - I believe Spike has done/is doing this on his latest build...
  7. Thanks ! if so ill go for that , you know were i can buy one from ? thanks again !
  8. So today i did some work ......... i took out the alternator cover on my 900ie ,,,,,,,,,,,took some pics of it as well ,,,,,,,,,,,looked up on ebay to see pics of a 600 stator ,,,,,guess what ?? should fit perfectly ! So the 600 stator/alternator fits the 900 crank , i should be running it with no headache I just need to time it right , besides that the 600 has got a hole were the alternator wires come out , guess what ? the 900ie has it too,its just tapped and has an allen bold as a cover ! so I THINK i should run the M600 wire harness on the 900ie ,now i just have to buy a pair of inmanifolds

    1st pic is of my engine , 2nd pic is from a duc M600

    2013-10-11 10.29.16.jpg 20088041018_1.jpg

    2013-10-11 10.29.16.jpg

  9. Hallo Serg, my name is Serge and i`m putting an EFI 750 SS engine into a carburetted Monster from 2000.
    I wanna use the flywheel from the 750ie and the pickups from the carb model.
    Ther is a gap of about 1 centimeter between the pickups and the flywheel.......
    Will this work ? Cheers , Serge
  10. 6 YEAR OLD THREAD :scream:
  11. Serg was last seen 5 years and 50 weeks ago...…….. :eyes:
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  12. Due back any day then o_O
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