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Elitesuperbikeparts1 At It Again :-(

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Chris.P, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. He is at it again, having listed a set of rear sets from Carl at Race supplies direct last month http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261989657657?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT

    as genuine Ducati polished rearsets and having Carl email him over them he has relisted them again,


    but with some linkages and using a different picture and now saying that they are "Beautifully polished ITALIAN BILLET REARSETS, now if you would like to buy some of these rear sets from Carl, they will cost you around £100 complete.

    Items in Race Supplies Direct shop on eBay.

    So as before, buyer beware of this liar.
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  2. I was going to buy some calipers off him earlier this year but luckily & just in time got forewarned by a forum member on here. Dodgy bastard him!
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  3. I bought some tyres of him, returned them and got a refund from paypal. Advertised as having 4mm across the rear and 3mm across the front. They where literally just above the legal limit, AVOID !!!!!!!
  4. He wanted £499 for a single seat unit for my 748. Seemed steep to me.

    Everything he says is allegedly nearly new and very low miles/barely used.

    Shame because if he was more reasonably priced I would have given him some good business.
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  5. He advertised a Red and white mono 749/999 seat unit from ''a collectors bike that's only ever done 800 miles'' last weekend ,at the beginning it was on there for £100,as the week wore on and there were no bids I noticed he had upped the price to £129...have had dealings with him in the past...best avoided.
  6. Numerous stories about this character on the forum. He used to buy and break bikes and sell the parts at exorbitant prices and probably still does.

    I did buy one very minor part from him knowing exactly who he was, and to be fair I got a perfectly good service, but for anything that you don't know the going rate for then avoid like the plague as he pretty much outright lies about what he is selling and the condition that he states it's in should not necessarily be trusted.

    Hopefully with enough negatives eBay will close his account.
  7. I contacted his for a complete rear seat unit, subframe etc to convert my mono to a biposta. Goods arrived as described but I was missing a couple of small parts. Emailed him and they arrived the following day.
    Can't complain at all about him!
  8. That's Capitalism for you.

    I bought a few 999 bits off him a few years ago, cant complain at all.

    I'm sure he would be open to a barter if needs be.
  9. I've both bought and sold parts with him and have found him to be great to deal with. You're not necessarily going to get an outright bargain because he specialises in the rarer 'S' and 'R' models which are more scarce but he gave a good discount for dealing outside eBay and the 1098R parts I bought were as described and in excellent condition and reasonably priced. I wouldn't have doubted the low mileage he stated. I can't speak for everyones experiences but I'd definitely deal with him again.
  10. Good to see some good reviews. Personally I'm not one a huge fan of bartering or trying to negotiate a deal.

    I think he should reconsider some of his prices, and stating that everything is from a collectors show bike and barely used is a little underhand.

    Otherwise fair points, I'm sure his parts are of a satisfactory quality, just a shame they are expensive.
  11. Why not!? If I haven't made the person selling swear, cry or throw me out of the place whilst trying to negotiate a deal I feel ashamed of myself! Most people will give a discount so if you don't ask it's just more money in their pocket which could have been in yours.
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  12. as the old saying goes, if you don't ask, you don't want.
  13. This seller is a fooking joke (elitesuperbikeparts), I bought something for the 749 from them, the advert stating is was almost new less than 3000 miles, when the part turned up it was rusty and seized, clearly it had not only done a few 1000 miles.

    Absolute rubbish.
  14. I'd be asking for my money back and if refuses, complain to eBay about it. Send all your messages to him through eBay with photographs and stay professional.

    He is a tool, everything is advertised as coming from low milage bikes and waaaaayyyy too expensive. A quick search can usually find the same part much cheaper elsewhere.

    I happened to notice 2 1098R seat units on eBay last week. One was £700 and the other £1500. Guess which one he was selling?

    1098R seat unit - Regular seller

    1098R seat unit - EliteSuperClown

    Although he says in his description "Only 500 1098R's were made" (incorrect). Oh and it's from a 0 mile bike......Yawn :Yawn::Yawn::Yawn::Yawn::Yawn:
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  15. I have to say I've revised my opinion of this seller slightly...I needed to buy a part off him a couple of weeks ago and he was extremely helpful and the part was very competitively priced, i asked him a few questions both before and after the sale and he replied promptly and was only too willing to be of assistance.
    My last encounter with him was totally the opposite...I guess we all have good and bad days, some of his bits are overpriced but some are reasonable...hit and miss, ya take ya chances.
  16. He's a knob. The fact that everything he sells is claimed to be of ridiculously low mileage shows that he is a lying sod.

    Avoid him like the plague.
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  17. If it is an eBay account you may not always be dealing with the same person. I have encountered this only once but after several emails via eBay regarding an item it was clear there was some sort of "split" personality from the replies I was receiving over this item, very strange!

    I have dealt with this seller only once and it was for a very minor item, which was delivered with no problems and all was smooth on the delivery and communication front.

    However what is clear that dealing with this person is very hit and miss and it would appear that a certain under handedness has occurred on more than one occasion and the balance does not seem to be in favour of how this person interacts and sells on ebay, there are several posts on this very subject already.

    A seemingly certain case of buyer be very wary.
  18. I have to say, this mirrors my experience with him. I bought a Superpole seat from him and haggled the price down a little as it had "open to offers" in his listing. To be fair, he only dropped it £10 and he saved this in fees anyway, so was no worse off. I got a tenner in my pocket though, so fair enough. The seat arrived promptly and although a little dirty, it was fine and cleaned up OK.

    Because of a relatively painless experience with the seat, I mailed him about a 1098R he was breaking, specifically the Traction Control unit. I asked if he had one, and the price. He told me he did and to make him an offer, even thought I'd asked him how much he wanted. I hate bartering, but I'd seen them on eBay in the past for £150 and full expecting him to knock me up to this price, I offered £100. The reply I got back bordered on abuse and he was totally out of order, filtering out the abuse; he said he'd received over £300 for them in the past. Bearing in mind I asked for his price right at the start of the conversation, if he knew how much he wanted, he should have just said.

    I saw one for sale in the U.S. at the same ime for £175. The guy accepted £150 for it, gave me free postage and even threw in a front wheel speed sensor for free when I asked about one. Elitesuperbike wanted £50 for that on top of the DTC.

    I won't be dealing with him again.

    Maybe this is him !
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  19. Well I have bought a few things off him in the past and had no problems. I always go and pick them up so have met him on numerous occasions. If you go knowing what you want and the price you want to pay then no problems. haven't bought through eBay tbh, just go direct.
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  20. Well, I take it back. I have just received a full refund and they don't even want the item returned.
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