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748 Engine Misfire

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by West Cork Paul, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. How did this get sorted, I hate threads that have no ending.
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  2. oops:( me too. Apologies to all, I had completely forgotten about this thread, thanks Steve:upyeah:.

    For anyone else that was following it, the misfire has now gone:).

    The thread was started back in 2018 as I was recommissioning her after 7 years of standing around doing sweet FA (the bike, not me). I used her (with the occasional misfire) for a couple of months then completely stripped her down over the winter and did a complete nut & bolt restoration on her, part of which was a replacement fuel filter:oops:.

    Eventually (Sept last year) when it was all done I started her up and took her on a shakedown run. I put in new fuel and some fuel injector cleaner. She now revs cleanly through the range - no misfires. I put it down to the fuel filter as some suggested above. Perhaps it had become clogged with gummy dried up fuel deposits through lack of use, if that's possible as there was fuel in the tank and it was fully submerged:thinkingface:.

    Anyway it's all sorted now:upyeah:
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  3. hmm, interesting, tbh I'm surprised the fuel filter was the issue, as it would indicate blockage in fuel delivery which would affect both cylinders (fed on the same fuel rail). I still think there was an intermittent issue with the rear coil and especially at higher revs would indicate it breaking down. I would have replaced both as a matter of course on a 7 year stood bike. Not meaning to criticise, but if you have issues again I'd consider this.
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  4. Thanks and constructive criticism is always welcome:upyeah:. Having just completely stripped, replaced, repainted and polished everything, by the time it was done the season was effectively over so just the one shakedown ride one sunny afternoon. Plugs were replaced but coils weren’t but what I’ll do is get it out a few times once the weather improves and then whip out the plugs and see if that vertical cylinder one is still as oily. If they’re both all nice and white ash then happy days, if not, then for the relatively low cost of new coils (and HT leads) I’ll give that a go.

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