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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Exige, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Wood is a good insulator, but not very fire proof.
  2. Welcome back home Db....
    Please change the thread title to ....
    the-ducbird-at-home-support-thread (plus shed to garage fantasies).
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  3. Hurrah DB is home - awesome news!
    Wishing you the best :)
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  4. Brilliant news Ducbird!!
  5. Evening Viv - here's today's tip....

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  6. So pleased to hear the news! The very best for a lovely Xmas from the south of France.
  7. Welcome home DB (back here I mean), it must be nice to get back into your house too. :)

    Good luck with the recovery. :heart: :kissing_heart:
  8. Great news, well done DB.
  9. What you doing near Exie's extension?
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  10. My man is just checking if I can get another one in o_O
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  11. There is something more permanent and positive about being back home, no matter how good some hospital teams are.

    Onwards and upwards db :heart:
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  12. No, Off Wards and Home :)
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  13. :heart::motorcycleduc::blush:xx
  14. I think of you living here :)

    I hope you get lots of support and rest up well x

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  15. Evening DB. Rest well.
  16. Very good to hear you are home DB! Take it easy, rest up and you shoul be fine in time to eat loadsa turkey , crimbo pud n' mince pies!
  17. Great news Hope all goes well in the future.
  18. Glad you're back.
  19. Wowwwwwww! That was quick.
    Keep warm, eat and drink well and keep getting better.
  20. Where were you?
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