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  1. Yeah, hurry the feck up Viv, its friggin brutal lately !! Lotta angry feckers in here I tell ya...
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  2. Yep, it's all kickin' off Viv

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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Evening or morning Db, depending on when you read this.
    Hope you are doing OK? We all miss you.
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  5. Morning Viv, how is it going. Any news when you'll be allowed home?
  6. Afternoon DB. You stay strong, and give the flu your best stern glare (like you do me when I go off the rails a little).
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  7. dont be so hard on yer self loz, you got the mix right, little but often.
  8. finm, I am not hard on myself. That is DB's job.
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  9. deffo,the sooner she gets her strength back the better .
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  10. Must be due parole soon,eh?
  11. Finish my Vindaloo DB, and ate it all up :):upyeah:
  12. Good boy :upyeah:
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  13. Morning Ducbird, Hope things are improving and that you are back home soon. Have a great day!! :heart:
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  14. o_O:upyeah:

    Now we have to behave again :(
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  15. Be half..... that's not very big when you are chiz sized!
  16. Morning DB. I need an update.
    How are you, where are you?
    This place genuinely isn't the same without you.
    I do hope you are getting better.
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  17. Welcome home db.
  18. Morning sweetie
  19. Please report in Db, the natives are getting restless
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