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Exact Start Cables On My '94 750ss

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by CAT3, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Thanks for the info Chris, just re read my post, I meant the Solenoid as it looks like it could be a bit of a pain to reach in situ.
  2. you are absolutely correct, if you don't mind slightly tweaking the starter cables that go to the solenoid (after removing the little plug first) and popping it out of its rubber housing, then you can swap the cables this way, but again, it's a job that's much easier in the summer/when cables etc are warm as it is all a bit tight in there. Another problem you face is getting enough purchase to both undo* and do up the cable terminal nuts, particularly if corroded or overtightened*. Two other important points:- Be careful to watch that the whole terminal stud does not revolve "very much" while doing this, it's crude, but i found best way to restrain whilst undoing/doing up, is to tightly grip the cable(s) themselves with one hand as this usually presents the best way of stopping the studs turning during the operation. While cables are off, carefully check that the halfnuts underneath are reasonably tight, again checking that stud doesn't revolve. If they are tight, then don't be tempted to keep tightening or you will just draw the stud up out of the body and possibly prevent the solenoid from working properly.
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  3. Perfect Chris, Thanks for the detailed info :upyeah:. i may just replace the solenoid for new at the same time as running the cables in.
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  4. Well, I finally got round to fitting this kit to my bike.
    Slaved the new solenoid to starter-motor cable in to check routing & angle the crimp needed tightening on the solenoid.
    Then removed it, put some black shrink sleeve over the cable & the installed it. This was just because I wanted to keep it looking "standard" & not see the big red cable although in fairness being a fully faired SS you wouldn't really see the cables anyway.
    Then repeated the above process for the new battery to solenoid cable.
    And then finally the new earth cable.
    Cable routing wise I did my own thing, just where I thought they look best & where they connected.
    Once I'd finished I started the bike. Wow, what a difference, well happy :upyeah:Chalk & cheese !
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  5. It’s a good and relatively inexpensive mod.
  6. Noice' shame exige isn't about to compliment him direct. But he's just so wrapped up with home ties that he's divorced of his contribution.
  7. Or is it that he no longer contributes here but can be found alive and kicking on the other channel.
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