1200 DVT Exhaust Mod

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Scott Aird, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. MY slant on the std exhaust




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  2. was thinking that or black
  3. What colour are the exhaust can covers? They look like a anodised red? Like the black rear foot rest hangers .... smart.
  4. nice, little bite different, but still looking great
  5. I’d have had the foorest itself done black too :upyeah:
  6. 5bhp extra? Must be......
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  7. Yip anodised Red by Reeve metal finishing .
  8. Very nice ... The only problem I can see is red anodising doesn't stand up to sun exposure very well, and usually turns a horrible pink colour.
  9. I can handle pink fine with my masculinity lol ps not much sun in Scotland i should be fine
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  10. If you park the bike with the exhaust on the North side you'll be fine.!

    Bein a wee bit peely wallie ma'sell, ye'll ken... W'int ye.?...:) :upyeah:
  11. Hope you ripped out the stupid exhaust valve while you had it off.
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  12. Looks very nice.
  13. This reminds me of when I was getting my exhaust ceramically treated at Zircotec. They showed me this image of another ducati set-up.
    The guy also said it was actually far more red than the image portrayed. ;)
  14. should i do the sump guard red anodised same as exhaust or black satin

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  15. My thoughts, do it black, I think more red would be to much.
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  16. 43E7CF07-C052-40A7-94BD-DD1D0659E386.jpeg
    Black, had my rear hangers and belly pan done as I was originally going for a pikes peek replica, on getting them fitted I decided to leave as is!
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  17. Looks good im thinking black now.
  18. A lot easier to keep clean. Sick of scrubbing the belly pan & that black does suite the bike better. Hmmm mee,s thinking now.