1200 DVT Exhaust Valve Mod Pictures

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  1. Unplug the stepper motor and it will become very obvious where the thing plugs in.
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  2. Thanks for the info Coventry Ducati have sorted it out for me I had to buy the
    DUC-EE gizmo but did the necessary work all good now
    Can't thank John Burrows and his chaps enough for all there help and advice
    Good old fashioned customer service
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  3. Is the stepper motor a pain to get to on a DVT?

    This is my third Ducati with this stupid device fitted, and I've removed the stepper motors and fitted DUC-EE units on both occasions. Very time-consuming and fiddly, but a seemingly worthwhile thing to do for long-term ownership.

    Alternatively, I might try grinding off the ends of the screws with a Dremel, which also sounds like it might be tricky!
  4. Its a pain to get to on all the models

    I've always took a Dremel to the spot welds and removed the screws from the valve, then remove the valve, never had a problem since, just be careful not to drop the valve down the exhaust as you remove the last screw, or the screws for that matter!
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  5. Could always tip the bike up on the back wheel... I wonder how I could do that...?!
  6. Abba Skylift.
  7. I was thinking a more obvious answer involving a surfeit of power and torque and the enthusiastic application of the right wrist.

    But that also.
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  8. But isn't it the spindle that seizes and causes the problem in the first place? By leaving all but the flap in place, granted you won't get the drop in power with a flap stuck closed, but you'd still surely get the error on the dash once the spindle stops moving?
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  9. Had this problem on my DVT. Wired the valve open disconnected the connection from the wireing harness and plug in a Healteck DUC-EE servo eliminater job done cost approx £40 problem solved never to return
  10. Check the instructions. Disable and add spring on the end. No need for £50 bits of kit. Does same job :upyeah:
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  11. On my1098 where the servo is easily accessed. I removed the cables and the White plastic piece they connect to on the Servo. I then fitted a small metal bar on the servo spindle. when the servo goes through its sequence at start up and also in operation The bar stops the servo rotating and throwing up a fault light.
    i have Duc ee fitted now so i have removed the servo completely
  12. I get your theory, but I’ve had a 1200 and a 1260 now and once I removed the valve the spindle never seized, and I never got a error fault..?
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  13. Does anyone have (or can take) a picture of where the Exhaust Servo Eliminator plugs in? I have the HealTech one.

    I just drilled the valve out. For those worrying about losing it in the cat - I have a solution. Drill a hole through the valve whilst it's still attached and pass some string/shoelace through it. Worked a treat for me.
    ServoString1.jpg ServoString2.jpg
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