1200 DVT Exhaust Winter Project.

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  1. So I have a standard 1200 S Touring and it’s quiet, to quiet, so without paying well over a grand and a half for some fancy exhaust system I had a thought, yes dangerous but never the less a thought.

    If I were to obtain a standard Cat which is huge and keep the top parts where the cylinders connect, and along with the standard rear part where our normal exhaust bolts (still with me) how about if I take it to a mate and we simply cut the bottom out, removing whatever is inside and reducing the bulk, then welding it back up (he is an excellent welder). Get the idea? This way I keep the exhaust pipe locations in the same place but noisier.

    Will I need a remap? Hopefully the standard exhaust will tone it down slightly if not I can get a can with baffles in if it offends the neighbours.

    Anyone got a better idea?

  2. Did the very same thing to my pre-DVT Mut.

    I have a standard DVT cat section ready to do what you're planning to do.

    Being the gentleman I am..... You first.! :kissing:
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  3. I shall await further replies as to the validity of what I plan to do.

    If I decide to go ahead then I shall take pics and describe the process and the end result.
  4. So, you going to gut your udder!
  5. It's going to be noisy :)
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  6. I understand that, which is why I might have to get a suitable can on the end with some baffling, just waiting for anyone with more knowledge than me what I might upset doing it.

  7. May I make a suggestion? Before you start hacking to pieces the standard catalyst box, check with a Ducati dealer what the list price of a cat is. Then check the price of a simple decat system (such as a Mivv - others are available). Bear in mind that if (or when) exhaust emissions become part of the motorbike MOT test, you will have to refit a working cat - which you will have to buy if you have wrecked the old one.

    Taking all these points into account, you can make a decision what to do for the best.
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  8. Don't worry about that, there are plenty for sale on fleebay at stupid prices so worth giving a go in my opinion
  9. Which is where I got this spare one from, so if it goes pop I can simply fit my original one back on.
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  10. Will be loud, if its like a decat poise with std end can.
  11. If it makes it have a deep booming sound then it is a win, in my opinion. I put the Delkevic system, decat and muffler, on my bike, no remap and it is fine, sounds nice but not as deep and lusty sounding as my VStrom with similar setup but bigger muffler.
  12. I have an almost new Cat off my 1200, removed after about 500 miles from new if your interested
  13. I have one but if yours is a dvt version how much? And where are you?

    Can never have to many
  14. Ahh, sorry pre DVT, are they different?

    Im in Sheffield
  15. I have a set of DVT standard end can things in the garage, got a few marks on, could be used for experimenting with making a baffle before messing with yours.

    Imho just buy an arrow or mivv can :)
  16. I think dvt cats are different but I stand corrected if not.

    I suspect I will be buying a suitable can to compensate for the noise, I have a couple of standard end bit to play with as well.
  17. OK so stop right there. Go to the dealers & order the full termi system with upmap chip. This will require a small bank loan. Do not worry as when you tell the bank manager what it is for he will think back to when he was a hooligan & give you the £1850 you need. Have it fitted & cream your pants as the mod is soooo good. Turns a silly stupidly fast mutly into a mentaly supersonic mutly. No brainer. Just do it & forget the cut & shut welding of bits of pipework. 20180720_154418.jpg
  18. Being retired and an Oxford United season ticket holder makes me simply bonkers, even though a small mortgage is needed from the bank my manager would not allow it.

    He reckons I am daft enough, so one Sunday very soon me and my super welding mate will sort it out, with pics.
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  19. So why not just buy a decat link pipe, get rid of the cat and all the weight but still on the shelf if you ever need it?