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  1. I need a little help on deciphering if I can use the older version fairings which have the larger side vents on my 2002 998 biposto_Or am I wasting my time.:( I bought a cheap set of Glass fibre side fairings which I thought would have painted the auld classic red as my bike was bought with a race rep paint job. Which I love :heart:but want to ride out:motorcycleduc: in the Ducati red scheme. (Probably go for the agip) I need to buy a belly pan now as seller told me it wasn't required...:mad: I don't know how the belly pan fits to bike. I'll need brackets etc... But if the side fairings won't go near the bike I guess I'll have to get some other panels. Please help before I waste my time:upyeah:
  2. I don’t think earlier vented side panels fit 998.
    For the separate belly pan - you need to fabricate some brackets.
  3. The location of the battery I think is different on the 998. Hence the smooth sides.
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  4. I got time to remove and put the vented ones upto the bike. Your right RickyX... the ignition coils are in the way also the battery shows through the vents bit unsightly. Apart from that a little repositioning of things .I might be lucky. Fingers crossed....I am looking for a belly pan if anybody's got one that they don't want. Found a glass fibre one for 40 on eBay'.
  5. The battery is always visible through the vent on the earlier models anyway.
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  6. :upyeah:thats made my mind up I'll keep going. Thanks all:punch:
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  7. I’ve got some 748 panels inc some smooth ones for sale on another thread.
  8. Did someone say belly pan brackets?!

    Bellypan brackets.jpg More Ducati brackets.jpeg
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  9. I've just put the nose piece on the bike and panels and found my first problem. The top section where the bolts connect the two fairing parts, the length is too short to match. The contours of the side fairing dont match and bolt recesses on the air intake tubes are vusuble.Is this nose section from a 748 only or something??? Plus the bellypan looks like crap too when offered up to the lower side paneks. I know it's not fitted firmly yet but I might just sell it all and find some original good condition parts. I want it to look good after all the effort....Thanks for the reply guys I've only just seen it!!!
  10. Have you got a mix of OE and pattern parts?
  11. I've got a mix for sure.o_O Fibre glass side panels. The nose is OE but seems to be the first issue.....
  12. Oooh, have you now? Maybe not for much longer! Yellow?
  13. Sadly not yellow and the majority have gone now. Sorry dude. I’ll update my sale threads.
  14. Meh! Never mind, I just have half an idea to buy that stupid 998S streetfighter abortion that's for sale and put it back to standard as I have all the other bits!
  15. The one at Extreme? Perhaps it’s just because I never rode one but I don’t see why the 998 commands such a premium over a 999.
  16. I have a lower right yellow panel if your interested.
  17. That's the one, it has been for sale for ever and I have just bought a yellow 748 mono to steal the ohlins front end and some other bits to put on my 998.
    The 999 rides far better than the 998, turns quicker, stops better etc. It is all round leagues ahead and makes the 998 feel very old, slow and heavy!
  18. I would need each side in yellow (slab sides) if I am going to do it!
  19. Agree, I’m comparing against my 748 which is a lovely and very pretty thing but delivers a very retro experience compared to the 999. I’m happy with the lazier desmoquatro lump though in that as it’s all part of the package. :)

    Extreme seem to have a very slow turnover but I suppose they have huge stocks, must make business sense for them or maybe you’re in with a shout of a “get it out of the way” deal.
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