Filthy Dirty ;)

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Rapide, May 29, 2018.

  1. C879D341-31D3-4886-80FC-19293CACFD68.jpeg To add a bit of balance with all this detailing malarkey can we have a dirtiest Ducati competition?

    Thought I’d open with a summer flys pic to give the fair weather brigade a chance :)
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  2. Not as good as Rutter's

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  3. Kinda makes you wonder why Noah didn't simply crush those two midges when he had the chance
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  4. Wow and I thought my Hyper could get really grubby :innocent:
  5. And the best product for removing the baked on carcasses is.......?
  6. Put a soaking wet towel on the area for ten or so minutes. Then wash as normal.
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  7. i've seen more flies on a turd:D
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  8. You cant get enough speed up in Vietnam to explode a fly :p
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  9. Yet another misleading thread title.... HELL T you should keep an eye on this sort of thing..... deeply disappointed with the content.
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  10. Carpro Bug Off...
  11. I thank you
  12. One for @rob lewis - seriously Rob what’s the best product and where can I get some, cleaned the missus white car last week and had a right old job trying to get the buggers off the front? :)
  13. Oven cleaner......... :innocent:

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  14. I use slightly watered down muc-off on there for a few mins, then rince, and the re-apply and wash with bike shampoo and by that point 90% of the stuff just comes off really easy. You must have had a good ride though
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  15. Stop looking at turds, you're weird :D
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  16. Sand paper
  17. It passes the day;)
  18. Cheapo spray furniture polish from Tesco’s works well, spray it on, leave it for 10 mins at least then gently wipe away the worst of the bugs, the another quick spray and buff up.
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  19. A flame thrower works wonders, also depending on your neighbours it's occasionally ok to shoot them off using a 12 gauge....... I'd probably suggest you put the bike on a paddock stand for safety though otherwise it might topple over causing damage