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For Sale Final Clearout

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Topolino, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Looking to get rid of these last few 1199/1299 new/used parts (all still listed online - link in signature below). Carbon parts unless otherwise stated are in a gloss finish. I have a few other parts which will go online as soon as possible, which I just have not had the time to list recently, these being:

    Motowheels bar end billet alloy threaded adapter, to allow fitting of Oberon bar end mirrors and bar end signals
    Oberon billet alloy bar end mirrors
    Oberon billet alloy bar end turn signals and Ducati connection adaptors
    Rizoma "Next" clutch and brake fluid reservoirs and mounting kit/brackets

    Here are the parts listed for sale for now. Postage costs not included here, though there is a shipping calculator on each product page and a more detailed description plus further photos on the website.

    CDT Fullsix ABS Cover £30 (Retail new £95.00) SOLD

    CDT Battery Cover £40 (Retail new £95.00) SOLD

    CDT Instrument Cover £95 (Retail new £230.00)



    CDST Fullsix Number plate holder. Comes with custom professionally made aluminium backing plate to conceal the wiring and indicator adaptor kit. £100 (Retail new £225.00) SOLD




    Lieb Speed Rear Chain Guard £39.99 (Retail new £68.00) SOLD


    CDT Headlight Splashguard £35 (Retail new £90.00) SOLD


    Panigale Electrical Holders (Pair) £295.00 (Normal retail price per pair is a whopping £700.00). Gets rid of those acres of ugly plastic. Possibly one of CDT's most intricately made parts. SOLD





    Lieb Speed Carbon Fibre Frame Covers (Pair) £50 (Retail new £160.00). Kit was originally supplied with a one time adhesive kit and foil plates which you can purchase direct from Lieb Speed. (SOLD)



    CDT Fullsix Lower Fairing LH Side. Professionally painted carbon fibre lower fairing in red with exposed carbon lower section and fully lined in a heavy duty heat reflective foil. The fairing has also been professionally fitted with Ventureshield stone chip protection film. The LH fairing has a small break in the edge of the front underside mounting tab, but this in no way compromises the fitting of the panel and can easily be repaired. Hence price reduction compared to RH panel. £160.00 (Retail new £250.00 for an unpainted panel with no heat reducing foil backing or paint protection film fitted).


    CDT Fullsix Lower Fairing RH Side. Professionally painted carbon fibre lower fairing in red with exposed carbon lower section and fully lined in a heavy duty heat reflective foil. The fairing has also been professionally fitted with Ventureshield stone chip protection film. £180.00 (Retail new £250.00 for an unpainted panel with no heat reducing foil backing or paint protection film fitted). BOTH SOLD


    Carbon Instrument Surround £25 (Retail new £45-50) SOLD


    CDT Carbon Fibre Side Stand £25. The stand has some marring of the carbon on the reverse side where the pivot bolt is fitted hence lowered price. The seized pivot bolt was professionally extracted and on inspection by a local engineering company a simple plate can be fitted to the recess to prevent bolt rotation for a few quid. Stand also has PPF film fitted to prevent damage from boots when in use. Still sound structurally to fit to a bike. (Retail new £270.00). SOLD



    CNC Racing Titanium Rear Axle Nut £29.99 Nut has a few very small witness marks from normal fitting (Retail new £45 - £164.00 each - the latter is what CNC Racing charge!) SOLD


    Panigale Final Drive Chain - 104 link 525 pitch (brand new including joining link and o-rings) £50 (Retail new approx £100.00)


    Panigale XPEL full PPF 959/1299 kit £75.00 (Retails new for over £100.00)


    Pair of Titanium Hollowed Eccentric Hub Pinch Bolts 1199/1299 £15 (Retail new from £25.00 upwards) SOLD

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  2. Can I take the splash guard (assuming this fits an 1199) and stand please? The guard is online but I couldn't see the stand... Still holding out for the mirrors in due course!
  3. How much are the Oberon indicators ?
  4. can i get the carbon instrument surround please? i cant find it on the website.
  5. PM sent
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  6. Indicators will be £45 (Retail new is £102.00). I have had very little free time this week but they wil be up on the website hopefully by Friday
  7. Will be up on the website by Friday/Saturday
  8. I’ll take them
  9. Is the carbon dash surround still for sale ?
  10. OK I need to clear a few things up. If anyone expresses an interest in items yet to be listed, I will advise each individual when those parts come online, in the order in which I receive such interest. Once the part is online it is a simple case of who buys the part first. I am trying to post up the parts as soon as I can, so as to avoid having to do this, since it appears when there are a number of people interested in one item, it ends up with my having to placate all and sundry if they miss out and it's hard trying to please everyone and yet at the same time be fair, by approaching people in order. I do inform everyone on the same day by PM, then its a simple case of if it's listed and you want it, then buy it before someone else does. If you need to know if a part is online, then I encourage you to keep checking the website, as opposed to enquiring through this thread...kind regards...Topo
  11. Hi
    Are the bar end mirrors still available,I will take them if they are
  12. Oi, hands off!
  13. OK it's been a while since I last updated this thread. All that's left for sale are the two CDT Fullsix lower fairings, the CDT Fullsix instrument cover, the Lieb Speed subframe covers, new OEM final drive chain, Pro Bolt titanium eccentric hub bolts and the new complete PPF kit. I will be posting up the mirrors and oberon turn indicator and motowheels adaptors this weekend (promise).

    In the meantime, I can't remember who asked me about them but here are the Rizoma "Next" reservoirs (CT125 and CT127) they will be supplied with 2 x bracket kits CT453B. The fluid reservoirs retail for around £75-£77 each and the brackets kits are around £35.00 each. Total cost is therefore around £220.00 retail. The reservoirs are in immaculate condition and also come with a combination of nozzles/outlets to suit different applications. I am not selling the bracket kits separately as they would be almost impossible to sell on unless with the corresponding reservoirs. The brackets are specific to the Panigale (all models but NOT the V4). If you are interested then PM me. Payment will be via PayPal gift or add 3% to asking price.

    £95 + £5.00 postage for the pair including bracket kits, so £100. (If you want them before Xmas I can send them recorded by tomorrow but that will be a bit extra)

    20181218_135705.jpg 20181218_135813.jpg 20181218_135436.jpg 20181218_135618.jpg
  14. I'd like these if there isn't someone else who's claimed first dibs?
  15. Well Desmoquattro initially asked me about them a while back now. I have sent him a PM so if I don't hear back from him by tomorrow, then you're next in line.
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  16. Hey Topo, thanks for getting in touch, Ive been cleaned out by Christmas so will have to pass on these reservoirs. Ian
  17. Desmoquattro, has passed on these, so if you want them, they are all yours. Let me know asap as I can try and send them before the Xmas cut off else if you are in no rush, then they will be with you later / New Year
  18. Sounds good - I'll have them. Let me know the address for paypal by PM and I will pay right away.


  19. OK so its been a while since I caught up with who is still interested in the Oberon mirrors and indicators. I will check my PMs as well. Can you please remind me if you stated an interest and I will try and establish who had first dibs. Basically I am selling a pair of Oberon indicators as well as the Motowheels adaptors. These adaptors allow you to fit the Oberon turn signals into the threaded handlebar tubes on a Panigale (not the V4 sorry). They also enable you to fit the Oberon bar end mirrors as well so I am ideally looking to sell the whole lot as a kit. I want £45 for the indicators, £20 for the adaptors and £55 for the mirrors, so £120 total plus £7 postage. PM me if interested. I will also include the OEM connectors (in the first pic) which you will need to reattach/solder/heatshrink to the Oberon wiring, so you can plug and play into the existing female connectors on your loom. You do not need resistors for the LED turn signals on a Panigale as the CAN bus recognizes them as OEM.

    The gall marks on the adaptors are just where the indicator grub screws grip the adaptor and cannot be seen when mounted, otherwise the kit is in perfect condition. As can be seen in the first image the insulation on one of the indicators has slipped back and just needs to be fed back over the wiring, it is not damaged before anyone asks. One word of caution though, the wires are very very thin gauge so be careful not to yank on them when you install them. They have been faultless all the time I had them fitted, are super bright and can be viewed from both front and rear when orientated correctly. I am going down another route with a different set of bar end mirrors and indicators for the V4, hence the sale. The indicators also include normal collets if you choose to fit the indicators to another bike without threaded handlebar tubes and not use the adaptors OR the adaptors will allow you to fit another make of mirror if you don't want these mirrors (ie CRG blindspot mirrors or Rizoma) along with the turn signals. Hope that all makes sense!

    20180928_154330.jpg 20180928_154409.jpg 20180928_154440.jpg 20180920_152318.jpg
  20. OK so I have checked through my PMs and as far as I can tell the order of interest is outintheopen, [email protected], Clarkey, then Regenwulf, as in the order they enquired about them, either by PM or elsewhere. I know [email protected] has dropped out so that just leaves three of you!

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