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For Sale Final Clearout

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Topolino, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. 1) 1299S (LED headlight ONLY) carbon fibre instrument surround (see earlier pics in the thread) £75.00 + postage

    2) 1199/1299 Desmoworld frame plugs to fit frame and swingarm holes £30 + postage (see earlier pics)

    3) Oberon indicator/motowheels adaptor kit/oberon mirrors £120 + postage (see earlier pics)

    4) Panigale Final Drive Chain - 104 link 525 pitch (brand new including joining link and o-rings) £50 (Retail new approx £100.00) see earlier pic

    5) New Panigale XPEL full PPF 959/1299 kit £70.00 (Retails new for over £100.00) see earlier pics

    Total price: £345 or if bought as a job lot £330 plus postage.
  2. Hi sorry for being a tad lazy but do you still have the carbon kick stand to sell please? Thanks
  3. No sorry it's gone but I have got a 1299 CDT Fullsix carbon instrument cover and a new 1299 CDT Fullsix Headlight fairing for sale, if you are interested.
  4. Just by way of an update. I sold my new 1299 CDT Fullsix matte headlight fairing but had to reimburse the buyer, as the part did not seem to fit their particular motorcycle. The fairing was returned to the supplier who kindly sent it back to Fullsix in Slovenia to be checked over for any faults. They test mounted it on a couple of bikes and checked it against their master mould and found it to be perfect, so I am waiting for it to be sent back and I can then offer it for sale once more. It really is a lovely piece and normally retails for £580 but I am looking for £425 and free postage in the UK. As soon as it arrives I will add it back into the online store. If you want to be first in the queue then send me a PM. First come first served.

    MD-9915-M51-01.jpg MD-9915-M51-02.jpg MD-9915-M51-03.jpg MD-9915-M51-04.jpg
  5. Thanks for coming back to me, appreciated. Sadly I'm not in the market for the above but someone will get a bargain :upyeah:
  6. OK the headlight fairing is now back with me and up for sale. As stated I am looking for £425 with free postage. These retail for £580 new so at this price it is a bargain. Just to be clear this part is brand new and has been tested by CDT Fullsix (having recently been sent back to their factory by Conquest Carbon, who I originally bought it from) and they have certified that it fits perfectly with no issues whatsoever. I mention this because I sold the part some months ago and the purchaser stated that it did not fit on their bike, so I refunded him the money and sent it back to Conquest for help, so given what Fullsix have said I can confidently claim that it will fit yours. Note that this fairing is for either a 959 or a 1299 Panigale only. I have pictures of it fitted to a bike in the Fullsix factory, if anyone requires further proof.
  7. Need this fairing gone as we are moving house soon. So for forum members ONLY I am dropping the price further to £400. That's £180 less than the retail price and free postage. (or you can collect from Norfolk if preferred). If it doesnt sell at that price in a week then the offer is withdrawn (1st May 2019 deadline)
  8. Hi topolino, how much would you take for the ppf kit? Thanks
  9. Sent you a PM.
  10. Are the mirrors sold ?
  11. No still available. I have someone interested in the indicators. The only dilemna I have is that the threaded adaptors I have from Motowheels are specifically designed to allow you to mount the mirrors to a Panigale's (not the V4) stock bars yet also allow you to use the Oberon indicators. What bike are you intending to use them on?
  12. Can you dm me your number so I can call you please
  13. Number sent......Topo
  14. Seems as if no one is biting so as I need this gone I am going to make a final offer on the headlight fairing of £375.00 plus postage (as its a flipping big box it comes in!) No offers. If you want it then let me know. £205 less than normal retail price!. CDT fullsix quality part and fits solely the 959/1299 Panigale models. If it does not sell at this price then I will simply hold on to it until I get a serious offer.
  15. OK much as it pains me to do this, contrary to my previous post and as we are moving house imminently, I am going to lower the price of the nose fairing one last time. I need the space and have little or nowhere to store it as we are downsizing and as yet have no garage, so I am selling the fairing at £300 plus postage. You wont find a CDT Fullsix fairing for the Panigale cheaper anywhere else. It's brand new and you already know the RRP so you can plainly see that they sell for significantly more than this. A saving of £280 over the normal price. If you want to take it off my hands, it's boxed and ready to ship. Just send me a PM.
  16. Any takers for the fairing? I have a CDT Fullsix carbon instrument cover for the 959/1299 as well (gloss) that is in perfect condition. Was asking £75.00 for it, but if you take both off my hands I will sell the pair for £350. Retail for these two parts is £810 so that is a massive saving over the new price. Need these parts gone.

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