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1260 Finally.... A Mutley Tail Tidy..!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Shoboshi, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. £200. Fuck me. Is it gold plated?
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  2. Its half (ish) the price of the Evotech Italy item..... and It's made in Blighty.!
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  3. It comes with the undertray as a one piece item but £200?
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  4. Still salty though....:eyes:
  5. In my experience, their stuff is well worth it. I had one of their tail tidies on my Monster and the quality was absolutely superb.
  6. I agree about the quality of their products having purchased many. Notwithstanding, this piece is not cheap but there's a price to quality.
    The new EP's description states compatibility with panniers. It's going to be tight. Looking forward to seeing a photo.
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  7. 0171E259-D2C5-489E-BAE9-44E834EE3669.jpeg I’m a little bit miffed though..
    I think they copied me.!
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  8. Looks awesome IMO. Very impressive that you had the courage to chop the OEM tail piece and successfully modify it the way you did.
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  9. Not listed for the 1200dvt. I assume it won’t fit
  10. The Evotech-Performance tail tidy was out of stock for awhile but is now available.
    Has anyone bought it yet?
    Quick review if yes?
    Does it play well with the OEM Panniers?
  11. Say's it does fit with panniers
  12. I’ve got givi outback trekkers on mine along with the 250 toolbox and don’t find the existing number plate bracket at all offensive. If anything it should stop some of the crap being thrown up to my top box.
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  13. One of the few mods that actually make your bike worse
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  14. That's because you can't see it behind that massive license plate of yours.
    BTW, I'm all for winglets which are the rage for 2020.
    I suppose that UK is leading the pack with their license plate size acting to supply downward force on the front wheel.
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  15. Here's my cheap solution

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  16. It's not the best looking thing in the world is it?

    A missed opportunity if you ask me. I agree that the tail tidy should be shorter, I think they've gone a bit too far.
  17. Regulations say the number plate must be rear of the rear tyre
  18. I know. Location is regulations. It's the size... our road signs are smaller.
    I'm just yanking your chain.
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