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Featured Finally Bought A Winged Italian

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Flatfish, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Not being able to gel with the Panigale V4 looks, I opted to trade the Tuono V4, for the RSV4 1100 Factory instead. Bit bland paintjob but stunningly engineered, and about to get some new subtle decals.....

    20200216_142901.jpg $_3.jpg 20200216_142705.jpg 20200216_143056.jpg 20200216_143116.jpg
    #1 Flatfish, Feb 16, 2020
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  2. I’m with you, the V4 is still divisive to say the least, in the looks department. I want to like it & suspect it will grow on me but it’s taking its time!
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  3. Hubba hubba :heart_eyes:
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  4. Very moody. Nice
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  5. At Wheels Motorcycles having my Tuono serviced last week so had a browse and I think the RSV4 1100 looks so much better in the flesh than it comes across in the photos.
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  6. Enjoy it but that exhaust placement looks like the designers just gave up and went home. Awful.
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  7. Quality bin shot :upyeah:
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  8. That was a contender for me too.... just that the V4 Pani came along at the right price and Spec...

    lovey looking bike though and a great package .... Enjoy:)
  9. @El Toro ...I know I often get confused.com but am I on the DUCATI Forum ?

    Just checking ....

    Nice @Flatfish only jesting & me too not a fan of the Pani V4 look wise..

    do like this Aprilia mind...


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  10. Do the valves still stretch, the guides go baggy and the seats recede into the head?
  11. this one? 20200216_142715.jpg
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  12. that was 1973!
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  13. cheers, RSV4 has a slightly less aggressive riding position , and at my age, thats a good thing :upyeah:
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  14. My mate with a 2012 V4 may disagree... good to know if they've worked it out though. I think they look cracking.
  15. the carbon cover hides two pipes, one goes through the muffler, and the other, larger pipe goes to a flap, when the flap opens its straight through and loud. All in the name of ride by db's, its a bit like the panigale flapper, but has a way for the heat to escape at low revs too. which is nice.
  16. theres always bad ones, and ones that have been abused before selling to unsuspecting buyers. I would love to know how many 1 owner bikes that are looked after have problems. None of the guys I know have had problems, but plenty have, just like all bikes. I certainly like having a warranty! :upyeah:
  17. Fair enough.
  18. Most of the valve problems are caused by riders not checking the race/track use service intervals....
    Nice looking bike, enjoy :)
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  19. Therein lies Aprilia’s problem. The warranty will sort problems out but only when Aprilia feel like doing it.
  20. ive never had to use the aprilia warranty since 1992 so cant comment.
    Ducati warranty is ok at best.
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