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998 Finally Got To Ride Her...

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by bettes, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Got down to the bike shop late afternoon after a 12 hr shift down in Birmingham.
    Paid up, sorted the docs out, jumped on the bike and rode off. They forewarned me that there was little fuel in it so headed straight to the petrol station.
    It felt shite so after filling up I checked the tire pressures. Needed another 12 in the front and 4 in the rear. That's all it needed to feel right enough. After that I began to enjoy it more and more and to be honest, didn't find it any more uncomfortable than the 848 it replaced.
    I think as soon as I get some new tires on and a few other bits that need sorting out, I'll have myself a mint bike!

    image.jpg image.jpg
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  2. That is tidy, definitely not jealous - not one bit, much :upyeah:. Andy
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  3. First thing to change is that exhaust heat shield for a carbon one.

    How does it feel compared to the 848?
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  4. Had to work my nuts off to afford it. Have been doing stupid hours at work but now I have it, seems to have been all worthwhile.
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  5. Nice! Good luck getting it to handle and ride as well as that 848 :p
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  6. Not sure I agree with you on that. First time I have seen the full size metal heat shield on an exhaust and I like it. Andy
  7. At least the number plates the right colour :p nice one :D
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  8. Looks like cheap metal IMO.

  9. Not sure about the carbon bit. Went overboard blinging the 848 out with carbon and other stuff. I had thought about painting the shield and heel guards to keep the original look. I will get her mint and hopefully keep her standard.

    Only done about 14 miles on her. I'd say the riding position is a little less extreme than the 848, it's a lot quieter than mine as it had a termi full system on. But has a nice sound to it. I'll have a better idea after having a decent blast out on it but so far so good. :upyeah:

    Looks wise, nowt to say really. :)
  10. Good stuff. Nice to hear how an older model fairs against a newer and more modern ride.

    My last Ducati was a 1098 and the 748 is a downgrade, but something about it feels a bit more special.
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  11. Looks lovely :)
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  12. Very nice , best of luck with it
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  13. Nice one fella. Look forward to seeing it soon :upyeah:
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  14. Looks great, Ian
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  15. Interesting change up bettes, look forward to our chat when we meet up for my bits.. Very jealous btw... [emoji106]
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  16. Can be done. Mine 748 rides a treat but it does take a bit of work and money getting it there.
  17. I'd say my 748 handles equally as well as my 1098 did.

    Feels great flicking it left to right in the corners.
  18. Lovely. Wait till you take the fairing off the first time. You'll laugh yourself silly and wonder why all bikes are not built like it. Enjoy.
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  19. Ps, best mod I have made is a 1098 side stand.
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  20. You will also see how that bike is a race bike for the road and how 848 etc is a road bike on the track ;)
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