Finally... No Longer An Interloper

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Bumpkin, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Having been on this forum for over two years and yet not owning a Ducati; today I put that right. To be fair, at the time of joining I was seriously considering a MTS 1200 DVT but got distracted by the MV Turismo. Despite a big hit financially on the trade in I don't regret that, was a great machine but the sum of the reasons to change gave me the excuse to get a 1260s


    Collected today from DMC Stoke, thank you Simon. Nice ride back via a friend's in Bishops Castle. What a storming bike, this is going to be epic.
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  2. Lovely and bins too :upyeah::blush:
  3. Sorry Viv, not red but that's the way I roll :D
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  4. Well done at last :eek:
  5. Kind of a welcome David
  6. Good stuff
  7. Would say welcome, but you've been here too long ;)
    Nice bike, enjoy.
    (there's a wee red bin hiding on there I think?)
  8. There's a tiny bit of red on the bike too. Welcome
  9. Welcome in. Nice bike. :)
  10. Thanks all. Catch up with work today and then tomorrow I'll hopefully have time for some farkle fitting. I have quite a collection of practical bits and pieces that I've 'accidentally' ordered over the last few weeks... :rolleyes::)
  11. Welcome interloper dude. :) :upyeah:

    Great bin work there, with a sneaky peek of a recycling box. You'll fit right in. :)
  12. Welcome along
  13. No chance of keeping up now :D:upyeah:

    Enjoy all that lush torque :)
  14. That looks a real peach Chas, you must be really chuffed mate. :heart_eyes:
    I’m looking forward to hearing your reports and also thoughts on the wizzy suspension.
    Good enough for me to ditch the GSA?

    (Don’t answer that- what would I expect for an answer eh!)
  15. I shall look out for you
    Blue Mini Cooper S
    Ends VAV
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  16. That sounds half like a threat... o_O
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  17. If you're frightened ... I guarantee you are not frightened enough.

    : o D
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  18. “My boyfriend thinks that I’m a stalker....

    Well he’s not my boyfriend yet”

    :scream: ;)

    (Stolen from elsewhere)
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