Featured 959 First Ducati 959 Utter Joy!

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 Panigale' started by dazthephot, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Hello to all.
    Picked up my first Ducati after years of Aprilia ownership and have to say I haven't stopped smiling yet.
    Had an RSV1000r for 8 years and everything is a revelation. I must stop looking at buttons and settings whilst riding though ha.


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  2. They are pretty awesome road bikes :)
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  3. Great choice! Know what you mean about the smiling part, I love mine [​IMG]

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  4. Beauty!
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  5. Let the mods begin [emoji106]

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  6. What do you want me to do? :)
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  7. The Hokey Cokey ?

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  8. They are an awesome bike. I had a gen 1 rsv mille and the 959 has the same fun factor but with a more focused attitude.
  9. Congrats and welcome! You won't leave now [emoji23]

    Safe riding

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  10. Yeh reluctantly traded it in but it was getting older and the chances of something going wrong were higher.....maybe. Loved it though.
    This new one is a completely different beast, I thought there'd be more similarities but nope, chalk n cheese.
    Work is slack and the sun is out so loads of play time.

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  11. Thanks for the welcome. That's my thinking, now I'm a Ducati owner nowt else can replace it. Yeh there's faster but that's not what it's about for me, pure vanity but I don't care there's not many other bikes out there that make such an impression when you look at them. The slightly green hue on my pals faces is enough for me ha.

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  12. Congrats on the bike - they're a great machine I absolutely love mine.

    Had mine out today and yesterday and done 400 miles.

    Yesterday was cold (especially at hartside!) but dry and sunny but today was perfect conditions though.

    They a hell of a bike. I fricking love the noise with the 1299 exhaust on too. WAY better than standard or the akrapovic slip on. Pops and crackles on the overrun from a standard system!
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  13. Ah I bet it is a whole different beast with the underslung exhaust. To be honest I nearly stuck to my first aim and get the 899 because of that reason but I'm glad I spent the extra for the 959. I'm already used to the look of the side pipes with the akra slip ons besides it leaves room in the future for mods if I feel like refreshing the bike.
    It's nice to finally be in this club

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  14. Be prepared to spend lots of cash in pointless carbon fibre and bling!
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  15. Hey buddy, bike looks great, you are right about the pipes, u do get used to them and can always change them as you said when you get bored, check out these vids of what I've added to my bike for some cool ideas

    Enjoy the bike, cheers! GMAN

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  16. Hi Gman thanks for the welcome and the vids. Loads of stuff available to personalise the bike.
    I'm a big fan of keeping things stock but this bike may be swaying me as there's some tasteful stuff to buy. Gives people ideas of what to get me for prezzies.
    I think I will get a smoke screen, a light one. The same shape though as I don't like the double bubble ones. Then I'll do some carbon bling.

    One thing I did notice is your garage floor covering. Is it the stuff on a rubber roll or tiles? I've seen it on fleabay quite cheap but I don't know how thick it is or if you have to stick it down. I definitely want it for my garage.
    Cheers Darren.

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  17. I also want the seat cowl too. [emoji851]

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