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First Ever Track Day - Exhaust Noise

Discussion in 'Trackdays & Rider Skills' started by The Pearl - Paul, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm finally going to do track days for the first time, I was wondering if you can help me in preparing for it and advice

    The bike i'll use for the track will be my 1199R gen 1 - although the bike is made for the track (was a track bike made to road one by me)

    The track is Brands hatch indy

    First I'm wondering if I'll pass the DB levels as it has full termi undertail PBM special edition and I'm a bit worried about that as I don't have baffles

    Btw - although I have slicks I will be running with supercorsa's

    Looking forward to your response


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  2. have you got any baffles for it??
  3. Unfortunately no.. I don't have any clue if they do some for it?
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  4. Also, heard something like if you're in the novice (lower) group - you don't get static test?

    Is it true?
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  5. I don't believe that is true.
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  6. Pipeworx also make baffles up, either off the shelf or custom fit. Not had any so cannot vouch for them though.

    PS - your bike looks
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  7. I wasn't sure if you where having us on here, the 1199R for first day on track + the photo shoot on your bike, but after this question I am :joy:.
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  8. id ring jhp or moto rapido see if they do anything??
  9. It's not true. I did a couple of novice days at brands last year and was subjected to the standard static test
  10. Not in my experience.

    if it's a road bike you can just ride turn up at a Track Day and ask for a noise test.
  11. Also, i think Brands is one of the tougher on noise, Donny or Silverstone may be better for you.
  12. The exhaust must be under, if PBM used them at Brands BSB..
  13. You are seriously going to struggle without the db killers. I have the same system and run with slightly modified killers which give
    me just over 101 static and 95-97 drive by depending on the weather. Over 108 static with nowt in.
    I managed to get a spare set through http://www.brspecialtuning.co.uk/ but they took several months as termi were shit for parts.

    Other option is to get someone like pipewerx to make something up for the inlet end of the cans. Its round as opposed to the squished
    rhomboid shape of the outlet.
  14. Maybe someone could copy your set?

  15. [​IMG] pic as per link above
  16. The db killers only took about 3-5 db off the static, don't know how theyd be at full chat..

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