V4 First Panigales V4 On The Road And 'plated'

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  1. Is it up for £47k?

    Oh sorry, thats Sheffield Bike Specialists :thinkingface:
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  2. That's cheap for Sheffield Bike Specialists! ;) D'ya know, I've never been there! I did approach them when I was selling my 1299S which was in mint condition and they just said, emm nice bike but, no. Guess there wasn't a premium to be had. :yum
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  3. Popped into my local dealer and was confronted with these. A lovely Italian lady..jpg
  4. Having attended the DM launch this evening we got to have a play with the dash :bucktooth: and fire her up mmmm think you better get that Akra on order :laughing:
  5. Bloody Euro 4.
  6. The best Ducati Tech in Ireland (Ex Main Dealer) is Robbie in Dublin - Mototechnic
    He even uses the superior CCW belts :innocent:
    I also have a mate in Ireland who will possibly sell his very low mileage 1098S Tricolore - I was going to buy it 18 months ago until the exchange rate soured the deal for me.
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  7. Looks like a Gilera dealer. I thought they were sold out for the next 10 years.

    Yeah, I still want one.
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  8. Clearly can't shift 'em.
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  9. Popped in... ;)
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  10. All sold and a demo I read ;)
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  11. For 40k, thank Christ is comes in the box.
  12. For 40k, thank Christ it comes in the box.
    Might be interested in that? I'll be in Ireland in Feb. Can you have him give me a shout.
  13. Send me a PM and I'll get in touch for you :):upyeah:
    I think it had about 3000 miles on it and a full 70mm Termi system too. 1 owner bike too.
  14. I was pleased to see/feel that the twin pulse firing malarkey results in a bike that definitely 'throbs' and doesn't zing :p
  15. To be fair, making a V4 that zing’ed would have been a first ;)
  16. Once my dumb arse figures out how to send you a pm I will. That bike sounds great but I'll only ride it once or twice a year unless I ship it to Spain.
  17. Click on his name then ‘Start a conversation’.
  18. Thank you sir.
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  19. Something I’ve been thinking for a while now. I have a feeling that the new bike is going to be well down on torque all through the range, I think that’s a given.. but I’m also wondering if it’s down on power through the range and only makes higher peak power.. (making road riding interesting).

    For me the plot thickens because I know of a handful of people and dealers that have already had the v4 on the dyno and they aren’t posting the figures or talking numbers.. someone I spoke with yesterday even went as far to say “it’s not all about figures” which of course it isn’t but it’s like the excuses are already flowing when Ducati promised a game changer..

    No doubt the mags will be telling us everything else in the world is now shit and we must go out and buy a v4 etc. And obviously dealers will be singing its praises because they want to flog them.

    Figures aren’t everything, I’m a firm believer of this but if the bike doesn’t bring game changing performance to the table and lets face it, it’s widely considered the ‘ugly’ sister compared to the previous bikes then it’s almost fair to say that it’s been overhyped ? And perhaps dare I say it.... a disappointment ?
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  20. Surely its all about the torque curve, rather than how big its number.
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