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Featured 748 First Ride

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by aceofhearts, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. I have been out of the UK for 4 months but bought this 748 only a few days before I left, but never got a chance to ride.

    I have just got back 2 days ago. and promptly fitted the new clutch and exhausts and got it out for my first ever ride on it today with my dad.

    Thankfully it started first time and rides absolutely perfectly. Really looking forward to the summer ahead!

    IMG_20200223_150053_zpsnkcfeffi.jpg IMG_20200223_150148_zpsgvagjw5h.jpg
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  2. Love the 748’s, really underrated IMO, a good balance of usable power unlike most of the modern day superbikes.

    With a 748 you can give it beans and not get too out of shape, they also have a great induction roar unlike the litre sports bikes.

    Well worth getting the suspension serviced and upgrade the standard steering damper to the ohlins adjustable one.

    A great bike which is now increasing in value :) :upyeah:
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  3. Agree, and an 851 is very similar too...
  4. You're fathers sensible he went with a honda!! ...oh shit
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