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Fitted These Bar End Mirrors Today

Discussion in 'Monster' started by dubcat, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. 999FD452-A993-4CCD-8BEF-DA3C667BA4B3.jpeg 24C8FC90-7793-4C4D-B45D-9DE3D6016426.jpeg Fitted bar end mirrors which i bought from @flatstick959 . He packaged them so well and they are awesome! It’s amazing what a difference there is when you remove the original mirrors. Bike feels much more ‘naked’.
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  2. .........but do they work or just for showtime only:thinkingface:
  3. Haven't been out with them yet.. but I think they actually might give a BETTER view. They are further out.. and I think they have a convex mirror so the field of view is really big. Shall find out tomorrow.
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  4. Have a fab ride out:upyeah: & watch out for the boys in blue;)
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  5. They look like the ones I've got on my S4RS, really good, you get great range of vision once they've been adjusted.
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  6. I have them on my S4R and they are way better than the ones it came with! Plus they are cheap as!
  7. Thanks for the feedback

    You can move your left grip to the end of the bar mate

    It has a gap at the end for a clamp type mirror which are never fitted and means your hands are in different places

    The switch gear and clutch lever is fine where it is - it’s symmetrical to the throttle side

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  8. Ahh thanks for that. I’ll google how to do it :)
  9. You can just move it back and stick it back down with hairspray
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  10. Oberon? Had them on mine for a while. They’re ace! Much better view (rather than my arms!) and look better too. Win win!

  11. I’ve got them on my Scrambler and M900, not the best photo but you can see the RH mirror, I made up some brackets so they fit under the handlebars, very convex and give a good field of view, you just have to keep in mind things are closer than they look!
  12. I tried the cheap Chinese bar end mirrors but found the convex lens made things look far too small. The fixing itself was perfectly good. Maybe other shaped holders have different shaped mirrors. Worth a try as they’re so cheap.

    I then traded up to Oberon bar end mirrors and indicators. Really good, in fact I can even see things in the mirrors now.
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  13. This, I have the Oberon bar end mirrors and the scrambler, they are great. Any excuse for a photo :p

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  14. @Mark9 can we have some more pics of how you did this please?

  15. Oberon bar end mirrors are brilliant.
    However, they do have one significant flaw, which is that the design incorporates a large, stainless grub screw. This has a coarse thread, which is quite a loose fit in the aluminium bar end. As a result, if you fail to do it up really tight, you can lose the grub screw and the mirror with it before you realise it.
    The solution is to wrap enough plumbers' PTFE tape around the grub screw thread to make it a snug fit.
    Works a treat.
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  16. I’ve been using bar end mirrors on Monsters for years but have to say I hated the Oberon parts, view was very poor and added too much width to the handlebars. Had some Rizoma’s on my 1000 and went with these below on the 1200R, view is excellent (can be rotated out 180 degrees if needed) and they only add an inch to the bar width. You can find them on eBay from about £25 a pair, quality on mine is excellent.
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  17. Yes, I’ll get some tomorrow, the RH bolts through the hole in the front brake lever pivot bolt so is very easy to fit with just a small mod the the bar end part of the mirror assembly , the other side slightly more difficult because there’s no hole through the clutch lever pivot bolt on the Scrambler, so a bracket is required, anyway I’ll put some picks and an explanation up tomorrow.
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  18. That's not my experience at all.
    I find the Oberon Street fighter gives an excellent view and adds negligible extra width.
    It is necessary to use the top/bottom fitting option, rather than the end option to achieve this though.
  19. Apologies I completely forgot to get the photos, I’ll do it tomorrow evening.
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  20. I guess we have different views then, if you like em, great!
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