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Fitting Crc Fairings

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by Nev959, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. Hi all,

    Firstly, sorry if this is already a thread somewhere and I haven’t been able to find it.

    Have just received some CRC fairings for my 959 Panigale, and I was hoping they’d be a bit more self-explanatory to fit…

    Does anyone have any experience of fitting a full set of fairings to a Panigale?

    I’m a complete newbie to this, so please be kind…

    Also not sure if I should’ve bought a front fairing bracket? Or if the stock (road) one will work.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Mostly easy, nearly all the holes are the same. Challenge tends to be underneath where they join and where the nose cone meets the side panels. Get a cone drill bit if you can, makes it loads easier to drill the holes. Oh and a Dremel
  3. Also you don't need a front bracket
  4. Can I ask why you bought CRC ? Totally academic interest. Andy
  5. Maybe because he want's to sit 50mm higher than the standard seat because I have had to with with the sets I bought!
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  6. Thanks Jamie :upyeah::upyeah:. Yes Dremel sounds like a good shout. I’ve been threatening to get one for the last few years, not sure why I’ve resisted so long!
  7. Android, went with CRC as they had15% off at the time I ordered!
  8. Ah, okay. Just for info, the CRC basic kit (no seat) is more expensive than the Ducati track fairing, kit, which is unpainted OE plastic. Dremel not required. Andy
  9. On the 959 you will need a blanking plug (from your Ducati dealer) for the rear light to avoid a yellow dash warning light. Nothing needed for the front. Disconnect the battery when you take the connectors out, especially the air temp sensor. If you have power on when you disconnect this it will throw an error light.
    Assuming you are ditching all lights.
  10. Ah thanks jack that’s great to know will do
  11. I didn’t get a warning light when I unplugged my rear loom - you just have to make sure you disconnect the brake light switches - that’s what I found generated a warning light.
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  12. CRC fairing kit is lighter than the Ducati one and doesn’t have all of the extra blanking plates for the lights which add extra weight.

    The Ducati one fits perfectly for obvious reasons but is more suited for those who want to swap a road bike to track and easily switch back rather than a full track bike conversion.

    You would get the best weight saving and improve air flow with a race front bracket and air duct as they are much bigger thanks to the space created by removing the lights.

    Note - There are two types of front race bracket - one designed for race fairings and another designed for stock fairings in case you go down that route.
  13. It was the air temp sensor that caught me. :confounded:
  14. You don't need the blanking plug, it just throws the warning light on the dash, who cares?

    Does the 959 have an IMU and is it mounted on top of the headlight like the 1299? If so you'll need a bracket to remount this assuming you are removing the headlight, you will need to ensure the bracket is level as this controls all of the traction/cornering abs etc.
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  15. No IMU on the 959 so that’s not an issue.
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  16. Only problem is if another fault is thrown up you might miss it. But it’s no biggie I agree.
  17. True, but I've never seen it...

    Not sure on the 959, but on the 11/1299 when you use the brake for the first time a large yellow box appears on the screen detailing the error detected - brake light switch from memory, this goes after a few seconds and leaves the warning on. If any other errors would happen I suspect it would display these for a few seconds also.
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