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996 Floating Rear Disc

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by cookster, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Hi chaps can I get a floating rear disc for my 996 sps that bolts straight on? It's got hpk floaters on the front just wondering if I can get one for the rear??

  2. In the late 90s there was a Corse small diameter rear axle that had a semi floating mount. Coincidentally, I will have the axle, semi floating mounts and Corse disc for sale quite soon :D Andy
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  3. Yes and yes but not from brembo.
    Braketech do them and you can order them through hps.
    They wont be cheap though.
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  4. Just had a look on hps website floating rear disc is £300+, but it will look very out of place.
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  6. You could get a bespoke one made by a tame machinist by adapting a standard rear disc onto a bespoke carrier.
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  7. ISR will build you a disc to your requirements, just talk to Giles at HPS who will get a spec sheet over to you.
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  8. Thanks @Sev il give um a call monday
  9. Braketech are the best for rear floaters, go look on their web site.
  10. yeah ive had a look, but they are totally out of character for the bike.
  11. you almost need an endurance team to run a ducati for shits and giggles ('cos nobody sane would run them) and make them acceptable.
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  12. I've seen one of these fitted to a 996 and it looks fine.
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  13. Could you just change the bobbins?
  14. I might see if I can come up with something.
  15. Yes. Save your money for a night out. ;)
  16. im saving up for my mates rsv :D
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  17. Why do you want a floating rear disk anyway C?
  18. Mainly to match the front hpk floaters on the front, when I've got the front off the floor and spin the wheel it's so smooth. Thought it won't hurt to get a matching one one the rear.
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  19. cant seem to get one for the 996 now too old, so going to get one on the r1, would people go stainless or iron??
  20. Stainless.
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