Foggy Fp1

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  1. Took a ride to Hyside as they had this in the showroom, which happens to be my most favourite bike from WSB and if i have a lotto win you bet I'm having one.
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  3. I remember watching the TV program covering the development of the bike and the early seasons racing, very good but they had a lot of engine problems early on, from what I remember. Yes I wouldn't mind one in the garage.
  4. That's bloody gorgeous
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  5. The Sportbike Shop in Boston have one on top of the clothing stand, bloody lovely thing. I wonder what happend to the 200 that were built and not sold?
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  6. I have a chuckle every time i read that MCN found the bikes in a secret bunker in Essex,

    I was working with a couple of builders i know and in the evenings they were working at a firm in Basildon and they knew i am into my bikes and mentioned to me that in one of the big rooms there are a few rows of light blue bikes and they didn't know anything about them, so the next evening they took a few photos and i nearly spat my tea out when they showed me all these FP1's lined up, They had been there along while before MCN (found them).
    They are just a stunning shape with that under the seat exhaust pipe.
    I would love to own one just waiting for my lotto numbers to come up unless the forum can have a whip round for me :innocent::innocent:
  7. Is it a road version or race bike.
  8. It's a race bike, this is the road version

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  9. Looks fantastic on my list of must own one.
    Anyone you know or just a random picture,
    I think they came from the person from Switzerland who brought them from Petronas.

    In the photo it looks like someone owns a pair of 350 ypvs wheels.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. They belong to my old man
  12. It's one of my favourite bikes of all time also, it's just stunning, not a thing I would change about the looks.

    The firm in Asia/China that bought them and were going to sell them came unstuck circa 2014/15 because they realised that the bikes never had duty paid on them when manufactured (or something similar) so they couldn't make money on them.

    I want one just to look at, and was at Brands when they did the first ever demo laps and it just sounded so sweet, like nothing else, even the new triples from Triumph can't replicate that base heavy noise from the bigger capacity.
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  13. Were they any good to ride?

    Did they acheive any racing success?
  14. A few podiums in wsb, with good riders, I think the timing wasn't good with rule changes.
  15. C60B66A5-2AB3-4B69-AB17-C8FE6873A2AA.jpeg My mate was working for Foggy in 2005 and I was with them in Imola when it leaked oil and spat Garry McCoy off in practice and Gaz hurt his back. He lost confidence in the bike but as already stated the bike was built to take advantage of the rule book allowing three cylinder 900’s to compete against 750 fours and the Ducati’s but the rule changes allowing 1000 fours made the FP1 uncompetitive.
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  16. Who else rode those? I forget the names I'm thinking of one guy in particular
  17. Troy Corser , James Hayden.
  18. Troy corser that's him, totally forgot hayden

  19. Did the bikes not keep overheating