Foggy Fp1

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  1. Craig Jones rode it, Steve Martin, Chris walker, Gaz McCoy, Troy, James and I think that’s it?

    It poured fuel and set fire to Chris Walkers balls, it spat Haydon off and broke his back and rung his bell pretty good. It threw Gaz off also as mentioned.

    I can’t help but wonder if they had allowed it to go to 1050cc if they could have de-tuned it relatively speaking and had some success and tbf WSBK probably would have allowed it if they had actually managed to get the road bikes production on track and properly homologated but it was becoming a farce
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  2. Hi, I’m new to the forum, but saw the FP1 thread. I’ve got two FP1 road bikes both in green. I’m open to selling one if there is any interest. Pic attached and drop me a line if you’d like to know more.


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  3. Flipping eck, are these from the famous mcn discovery? Looks smart surely some interest on here, true nostalgia
  4. It’s a long back story which I think most know. The two I have are running and UK built bikes (from first 75 made) I’ve done some work to restore and recommission them. Paintwork redone, carbon work is pristine and they’re 0 miles.

    I’ll keep one but the second is looking for a new home. There is an ad on classicdriver





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  5. Come on boys form an orderley queue
  6. I’m just been inquisitive but what sort of cost are these?
  7. I’m no bike expert, but I would keep the Gerry can at least that distance from the fire :)
  8. This from a Bonhams 'expert' in 2017...

    As you can imagine, determining the value of these elite two-wheelers is fairly complicated but if anyone has a grasp on this type of thing it’s Ben Whitworth, a motorcycle valuation expert for prestigious auction house Bonhams. “It’s tricky. The Petronas might be a bit long in the tooth compared to modern top-flight superbikes costing around £15,000 ($19,300) but the kudos of owning such a limited edition is certainly comparable to Ducati’s Desmosedici at £40-45,000 ($51,500-$57,900) Very broadly speaking I reckon an example would be between £15,000-25,000 ($19,300-$32,175). But until one is actually sold at auction and sets a precedent that remains very much a guesstimate. It would be fascinating to see,” said Whitworth.

    And one for sale in 2017:

    This example was recently fully serviced (including all fluids, new battery and new tires) and is reportedly “ready to run”. Though they’ve been removed, this sale includes the bike’s stock mirrors, signals and rear-lighting. The seller for whatever reason lists this example as a 2005 model – the year it went on sale – though I believe it’s technically a 2003. You can find this rare early-mid 2000’s Petronas FP1 for sale here on in Switzerland with a price of $37,950 (or £29,500).
  9. Buy me one, Elise. You owe me that.

    I'd love one of those but it's above my pay grade.
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  10. Flipping eck nice 1 cheers, it’s not surprising though I guess they are more difficult to acquire than a Desmo, and to be fair if it’s going on display in a team owners house I’d say it would be more or at least as much a talking point and kudos aplenty
  11. Good tip! It was empty...I think....
  12. I’d be more worried about fumes fella :) ha ha
  13. It's still speculation - they could go for more than a Desmo of course, hard to say :thinkingface:
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  14. I'd be surprised if anyone from here buys it however if it's a sale your after, then a few have used these to sell their exotica to, or allow them to display and sell it for you for a cut

    Just as an extra option
  15. What fantastic bikes you have, they have been my favourite since i first saw one at a bike show, the fact you own one is great but two well done,
    As I've mention before a couple of builder i know had eyes on these way before MCN got wind of them and to think they were just a few miles away from but there was no way they could get me in there to see them, ( they tried)
    As for owning one its always been on my list but at the moment will have to stay that way, i would love to see and hear it run.

    Is every thing on it original as you got, Forks etc and front indicators to go on.
    Just love the rear end and pipes. :upyeah:
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  16. Spent quite a bit of time with the team when my mate was a mechanic for them. We had some great laughs and I stayed with McCoy in his motor home several times. Gaz was always up for a party and I remember one in particular at Brands when Haga signed Troy Corsers jack russel with a permanent marker. Hopper was going to drive his new X5 home pissed as a handcart until we hid his keys and there was a bloke helping himself to beers out of the fridge. I asked Gaz who he was and he just shrugged his shoulders, the guy had just asked him for an autograph and stayed all night.
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  17. I used to watch them at Brands also they sound a bit like an Aeroplane about to take off bloody loud :)
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