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Fortnight To French Riviera And Back. July 2020

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Dave, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Anyone fancy joining me and a few others for this trip?

    Dates to be confirmed but likely to be 18 July - 2 August.

    Overnight return ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge or Eurotunnel to Calais.

    One week wending our way down through France and Germany's beautiful Black Forest, playing in the Alps for a bit with a selection of Alpine passes: Splugen, St Bernadino, Furka and Susten ... then heading down the Route des Grandes Alpes to the French Riviera for a rest day in Grasse to explore Provence or hit the beach.

    Second week head up the Route Napoleon, a day doing the stunning Verdon Gorge, then heading back generally the same way but a different route taking in a couple more Alpine passes, up through the Black Forest and France.

    2500-ish blissful miles.

    Apart from one long-ish day (first in Europe, 300m+), an easy 150 - 200 miles per day which is around 4-6 hours a day riding (more if you want it of course) and one rest day at the French Riviera coast.

    2 weeks - leave Saturday lunchtime, get home Sunday lunchtime

    Assumed £40 - 80 per night hotel and £30 - 50 per day food and beer.

    Costs for ferry Hull-Zeebrugge is £430ish return including breakfast and outside cabin with a window. You can get cheaper but have to telephone for all tickets as website can't cope with shared cabins and everyone having their own bike. Eurotunnel is a lot cheaper if you live down South.
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  2. Sounds good and would love to but I’m in Misano :D WDW
  3. Possible, think my wife flies to Poland for 3 weeks the week after. I’ll check
  4. Looking to book hotels at end of Feb. Does that give you long enough to decide?
  5. She is away similar time so no go for me, have to be ho,e to look after the cat
  6. Purrrrrrr
  7. She goes 23 July and back about 14 Aug. Alright for some ;)
  8. Bump.

    We now have four riders. Anyone else here fancy it? We are getting together in Glastonbury over weekend of 21/22 March to discuss details and make some provisional hotel bookings.

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