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Forum Easter Bh Trip

Discussion in 'Touring' started by bradders, Dec 22, 2019.

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  1. Interested :upyeah:
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  2. Interested.
    Depending where....:upyeah:
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  3. Open to suggestions. Usual suspects I’d guess: Eiffel, Ardennes (as I didn’t get to see much of it : unamused:), Black Forest or anywhere a days ride from Blighty really.
  4. Ditto.

    How about Plymouth-Roscoff to Le Havre-Portsmouth (Brittany & Normandy), or the other way around depending on sailing times, with some WW2 Operation Overlord stuff? Was thinking of doing this anyway.
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  5. Black Forest sounds good. Germany, Austria, Slovenia looked good when I drove through last year
    TBH I’m not fussed, same as @bradders just want to make a full trip
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  6. Parc naturel regional des Ballons des Vosges.
    Can dip in to Black Forest and Eiffel National Park from there. More good road options than Ardennes.
    About 8 hours from me, 6 ish from Calais.
    maybe too far for you guys.?
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  7. unfortunately i doubt i can make this.. looking like its gunna be a bit of a shit start to the year work wise...
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  8. I do like the Vosges but for a long weekend it's a big schlep to get there and back (ideally 2 days in either direction if you're anywhere in the UK other than SE). Added to which, and being selfish, I'll be there with a group on the way to Switzerland in June. We'll be spending two nights in Colmar with a day in the Vosges.
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  9. yes, its a hike.
    I might be doing Bourg St Maurice for a few days later in the year anyway, a good base for Alps area. Tend to avoid Switzerland now though, they seem to have sucked the fun out of motorcycling. The passes seem a lot busier there too when I was there last, 2 years ago.
    Will keep an eye on this and see where you all decide. ;)
  10. Interested.

    We are talking roughly 10-14 April 2020, I take it.

    May I enter for consideration a trip to the Moselle (Cochem ... Rhine/Eifel/Taunus/Hunsruck/Westerwald ... Nurburgring) area? Calais to Cochem is about 300 miles. Hotel Noss could be a possibility :

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  11. Tried, tested and always a good trip.
  12. Prefer Cochem area to Ardennes. More options for great roads.
    Hotel Noss looks good too.
  13. A few of us have stayed there a couple of times. It’s ok. And they have a garage.
  14. Yes, I’m interested. Might need to be back at work on Tues 14th tho :-(
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