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Featured 999 Found An 999s Mono Nero And Delivered @ Holland

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by SEBASTIAAN, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    Today was a special one....
    After months of searching, talkin, callin and texting i found a nice 999s mono nero.
    Original...1 of the 50.
    The only one in Holland!! 20200924_201305.jpg 20200924_201322.jpg 20200924_201337.jpg 20200924_201601.jpg
    It was picked up 2 weeks ago by chas mortimer and shipped to Holland at my garage.
    Today was the big day..around 15.00 Peter of mortimershipment arrived.
    His business is for real...500 bikes a month through all europe. Nothing but kudo's for the shop.
    Thanks for the trust at the seller also. :)
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  2. Nice Glossy Black :):upyeah:
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  3. It's all about the chase,well done you but better photographs are required please.:upyeah:...i can see the local planning officials have granted permission for that shed on the side of a house roof again.;)
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  4. Nice bin :)

    Great to see you getting your special delivery
  5. 20200924_193456.jpg
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  6. now that's a proper bike ramp :)
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  7. Congratulations. Don’t go lobbing it in a dyke. :upyeah:
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  8. not unless she's in the movies.
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  9. Very nice indeed :upyeah:.
  10. Loving that Alfa Romeo Spider in the 3rd photo. Beauty!
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  11. Got 2 specials today.

    Vw beetle cabrio
    Bmw 2002



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  12. While ago ...

    Alpine a110
    Lotus exige



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  13. Are you looking for one? o_O
  14. An original A110 - nice one Bas! :upyeah::cool:
  15. Trust me...its made for midgets.
    I have driven it a few times..dangerous!!.
    No brakebooster..just oldskool hitting the pedal. Very nerveus with steering and the seats are made of plastic with a bit of fibre.
    The owner uses it for rally's sometimes
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  16. Very nice - enjoy it
  17. And registration starting BX.. chances are it’s originally from JHP Ducati Coventry
  18. But he never seems to make his reserves at auctions :laughing: He reminds me of the CEO of a company I once worked for which was being sued right, left and centre for negligence; each of his monthly bulletins would start off by saying "well I can't believe it, we've had yet another judgement go against us but sooner or later, things will change". I left the company around the time that it lost its sixth court case.
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  19. Apparently the live bidding goes better on the day and is unhindered that way.:scream:
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