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V4 From Street To Track

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Tiago Correia, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Last night i picked up my bike and listened in person for the first time the new sound!!
    Its amazing:eek::heart_eyes:
    Very happy with the Akra slip on solution:upyeah:

    This morning took some pictures of the upgrades stated above!!Very happy with result!!

    Here some pics

    IMG_20201219_121002.jpg IMG_20201219_121809.jpg IMG_20201219_121940.jpg IMG_20201219_121334.jpg IMG_20201218_201850.jpg IMG_20201219_120203.jpg IMG_20201219_123105.jpg

    With christmas holiday time near will have some spare time to detail the fuel tank paint with minor paint correction and detail some parts that couldn't reach with stock exhaust.
    As soon as i complete will post some pictures:)
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  2. i dont ride at street and this bike will run only at track, but i love mint condition or very close to that.

    So, with winter and some time, this week I'm doing a small paint detail and prepping for next year..

    IMG_20201226_163842.jpg IMG_20201226_180042.jpg IMG_20201226_180653.jpg IMG_20201227_183915.jpg IMG_20201227_184652.jpg IMG_20201227_185528.jpg IMG_20201227_185913.jpg

    Once the new lower fairings arrive from painter i'll post some final shots of the result

    To be continued..:)
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  3. The V4 is ready for 2021!
    Paint is corrected and protected for easy maintenance between track days.

    IMG_20210112_191933.3.jpg IMG_20210111_192903.3.jpg IMG_20210111_190248.3.jpg IMG_20210111_193930.3.jpg IMG_20210111_195718.3.jpg IMG_20210111_220322.3.jpg IMG_20210111_231318.3.jpg IMG_20210112_190120.3.jpg IMG_20210111_195021.3.jpg IMG_20210111_194728.3.jpg IMG_20210112_191509.3.jpg
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  4. Looks fab!!
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  5. Looks amazing mate
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  6. Absolute stunner. Honk honk! :heart_eyes:
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  7. Amazing job :astonished:, want one :thinkingface:
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  8. Bloody awesome that, great work!
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  9. That is nice.
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  10. Well done, stunning bike. Now your next little job for a rainy day - get a rag and any metal polish - eg Brasso, even toothpaste - and give the inside of that rear axle a good rub. Do the edge face as well. Takes 10 minutes, costs nothing and really gives the rear a lift. You'll be surprised. Will complement the AEM jewelry very well. AND the pin on your rear stand will glide in and out of the polished axle.
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  11. Thanks for the idea, will look at that:upyeah:
  12. Colgate triple action extreme white.... Never fails me:D

    For that perfect glide pin slide....

    We like some good hacks here:mask:
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