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1299 Front Brake Pads

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4 Panigale' started by Wull, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. What pads are the majority using for road use? Maybe one or two track days per year as well.......

    Not sure what pads are in mine, I’ll whip them off for a look but noticed they were getting low the other day.
  2. Brembo sc pads, great all rounders.
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  3. +1 for the Brembo SC. Andy
  4. +1 for brembo sc
  5. Stay away from heavily track biased pads if you’re mainly using it on the road

    The brembo’s mentioned would be suitable
  6. Stock brembos or the aftermarket equivalent are the best for a road bike with the odd bit of track use.
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  7. Bendix MRR, very good pads
  8. My pads got to their wear indicators at a track day last week so I've been searching for replacements. I was on stock pads which were ok for me, but better braking power isn't a bad thing right!
    I had a look at most of the options, EBC, TRW?, SBS, but in the end I opted for Brembo SCs.

    Like you, I still use my bike on road and a few track days. There wasn't much in it between the pads in terms of performancem but I went for the Brembos because of Brand, and that they were marked for road use and track day use. The other pads were marked only for track/race use and were illegal for road use, as they weren't TUV tested or something like that.
    Also, I wasn't sure if the other pads needed warming up if they were for track only use.

    Bought mine from Sportsbikeshop, price match and free next day delivery! I think we get a discount code being on the forum too. Think the stock Brembo pads are more expensive than the SCs too :O
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  9. These the ones you purchased?

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  10. What makes you say this? Is it because track pads work best when hot?

    I was at Brno a couple of weeks back and for the first time ever I used Z04's. They're expensive but for good reason. They're the best pad I've ever used! Virtually no scrub in required, they seemed to work instantly. I nearly locked the front when I went for the first 'scrub in' handful :laughing: Had to recalibrate my braking squeeze thereafter :astonished: I really liked them. The downside is my trackday costs have just gone up a notch coz they're bastard expensive.
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  11. Haha, I race on zo4’s, they’re superb aren’t they!

    Yeah you just don’t get the heat in them sadly on the road
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  12. Have you had a chance to try yours yet?
    As an update to mine, fitted them and have currently done one track day at Silverstone on them....and they're already about 30% worn :-0!
    They were a good improvement though. But maybe that's the trade-off, performance/life.

  13. I haven’t got round to fitting them yet, I have barely used the bike over the last few months. Also have a front tyre to go in.
  14. I'd go with the Brembo SC if it's road use but if track use then definitely the Z04
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  15. That looks like a major advantage right there !

    Way above my level of riding though .... :)

    Over the years I've used Brembo , Ferrodo and EBC , all on the same bike .
    I couldn't say I noticed much difference ( I'd probably have remembered )
    so I stayed with EBC and when I see an offer on , I grab a set .

    I never really tax my brakes that hard , so I'm not a useful judge of such things :)