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916 Fuel Line Confusion

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by John Ralston, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Ok, I should know this, because I've done work on the fuel pump and replaced the line connectors on my 916 many years ago, but as the last thing on my engine swap (996 engine serviced and in!!!), I'm getting ready to put the tank back on, I didn't mark the lines as to which quick disconnect goes to the out and which one goes to the in plug on the tank. I'd replaced the quick disconnects with metal ones awhile back so I don't have the color code to sort it out, so how can I tell which goes to which? It appears that each line goes to one of the two injectors so I don't get the whole in - out thing, it appears that both should be going out - one to each injector, in which case it wouldn't matter, right?
    Got all that other hard shit done and now I'm stuck on this...
    Thanks for any help sorting this out folks

  2. Jack,

    It doesn’t matter which one goes in&out.

    cheers nick
  3. I agree that it doesn't matter which way they go but there will be a natural way for them to join the tank. There isn't too much room in there so you can't have the hoses cross each other as they may be pinched. You'll probably find that they naturally will go to one outlet
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  4. When the pump/filter assembly is back in the tank the white one is to the rear. This is the fuel ‘in’ or return from the injectors, which is the tube from the throttle bodies with an R on a plastic ring around it. If the R & M have been removed from the fuel lines then it is the tube connected to the injector which feeds the vertical cylinder ie the rear one.

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  5. As above, doesn't matter as it's just a loop of fuel and as the regulator in the tank it stays at the correct pressure regardless of direction of flow but you'll probably find it only really fits one way due to space constraints.
  6. And if your lines do still have the M & R white rings attached...

    M = Mandata (send) - the 'out' line
    R = Ritorno (return) - the 'in' line.
  7. Nope no rings or plastic connectors_ I followed the advice of using the lines that most closely line up with the plug in and the beast fired right up. Tidied everything up and took her out for a ride, and now I have a new problem...
    it looks like some of the coolant is leaking into the system, milky film on the sight glass.... much wailing and gnashing of teeth!!
    time for a new thread
  8. Probably a bit of condensation, take it for a good ride when you can.
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  9. Agree- just condensation.

    Needs a spirited 20 mile ride to burn it off.

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