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1260 Full Termi This Year-to Do Or Not To Do

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by spanish, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Riding Multistrada's since 2011 and always hankered after a full termi.
    Have always understood there are only minimal advantages but possibly worth having ( if one ignores the cost).
    My main concern is that of decibels and, as it isn't possible to hear before buying, always felt it could go badly wrong if I found the exhaust annoyingly loud.
    Wondering if anyone has guiding advice.
  2. :heart: Well I did invest in a full Termi system for my 2015 registered (Last of the pre-DVT models) Pikes Peak MTS and all I can say is, if you can afford the system, then go for it. It will certainly transform the bike, in terms of sound scale and quality (Feedback), weight loss, aesthetics and pretty much everything else.

    In addition the power gain is likely to be NMT +5%, which will accord with most insurers, when and if you let them know about this mod', so you shouldn't be required to add to the premium you pay, which I didn't at the time. The bike undoubtedly improved through the gears, getting far smoother and longer legged between changes and it became more responsive, as if the Mutli isn't already responsive enough.

    With regards to the noise levels, on my PP, with the baffle in it can unequivocally be heard whilst riding the bike, especially on overrun, which to me was simply glorious and with the baffle out, well, be sure to upgrade your earplugs as you as well as everyone else around you, will know when you are coming and when you have gone, well at least for circa 1/2 mile or so...

    OH and another spin-off, in the event you sell the bike on, you will probably be able to get back circa £700-800 for the set-up when selling on second hand, but it will cost you probably around £250-300 to fit as well as take off and put the original set-up back on.

    Lovely mod!:party::bomb::imp:
  3. The best mod & supported by the bike maker. No messing about getting the bike on a dyno lark..although you will be required to use a dealer to do the ECU part of the upgrade.

    The only guide I have is this one.

    Fire from exhaust is fun.
  4. one fitted to my bike at 600 miles 1st service by dealer 2017 1200s. £1850 steep but your bike is so different once fitted & up mapped. With baffle in it's a bit louder than standard. No stupid valve anymore & bonus in the summer when the fan comes on in traffic & the cat nearly melts your leg, then it's so much better. It's best when they give you the cardboard box with standard system in & just taking it to the car makes your arms ache. Ridability of the bike is so different than standard. If you brave the baffle out then the crack on upshifts & downshifts is great. But bloody loud.
  5. If you're asking about decibels then you may not be on the right path.
    Question 1: Is this your sportbike?
    If yes, then go for it although SC-Projects make nicer units.
    If not, those exhausts are loud and you will not want to use the baffles as they distort the tone.
    Earplugs are a must on stock Ducati's and even more so on one with an after-market exhaust.
    Ducati's are notorious for developing tinnitus.
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  6. Totally agree with the above. I live with Tinnitus due to Chemo years back. The need for ear plugs is a must with any bike. I'm an old git but still got good hearing. A lot of friends around my age are deaf & use hearing aids. The result of riding motorcycles for many years without ear plugs & loud factory work. Remember the old days we only had open face helmets & I was one of those. Fortunately my early bikes were not very fast & I never rode far. Still the termi & other sports exhausts sound wonderful on the V twin. Last year with baffle out my left earplug came out & after a short time I had to stop & refit it. My ears were nearly bleeding.
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  7. just widening this out a tad, apart from Termi what other full systems are now available for the 1260? recommendations?
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  8. and leo vinci say its not available yet :)
  9. @Fraser you'll need the bike dyno'd if you get a third-party one. And quite possibly re-chipped if you get the bike serviced.
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  10. I'm struggling to understand how anyone rides without ear plugs regardless of their exhaust system. I always assumed that wind noise was a bigger problem than the volume of the engine.

    I've ridden with ear plugs for the last 25 years (of a 34 year riding 'career') and I have to pull over if they are not seated correctly.
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  11. yup, appreciate that.
    yup, appreciate that. not many manufacturers that make it easy to go off piste with non OEM approved stuff :)
  12. If I were to replace my mid pipe with a Leo Vance De-Cat Mid Pipe (when available) how would that affect my extended warranty? @Martin Ducati Glasgow ?
  13. Not sure about aftermarket but my termi fit by Ducati Leeds still has full wrantee.
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  14. yup, as approved and sold by ducati - nice kit for a nice premium :)
  15. Yes you are right. Lovely bit of kit but stupid price. When you see how much you can get aftermarket for & probably just as good. Not sure if after ones are Titanium though. Probably Stainless but so what. The main problem lies with the upmapping. Has anyone cracked the DVT's yet.
  16. reckon Akrapovic and the like will say their kit is just as good quality - and, to be fair, not always massively cheaper. After shopping around and pitching one ducati dealer against another i still paid over £2k for a full termi system for a diavel and that was probably 6 years ago.
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