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G-plus Performance Parts - Silicone Hose Kit

Discussion in 'Online Retailer reviews' started by Haydn, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I've recently purchased a set of silicone hoses from G-PLUS Performance Parts based in China. Thought I'd do a quick review and tell you why I bought them and my first impressions.

    Ok so firstly I'm engineer in the aerospace industry and I am a big believer of "buy once buy right" and "you get what you pay for" so i'll explain why I purchased the G-PLUS Hose kit.

    I've purchased these for my 2003 Kawasaki ZX-6RR track bike. It's an ex british supersport and IOM TT race bike but it's not a gleaming jaw dropping Ducati.

    The OEM hoses have started to weep despite my efforts of tightening the jubilee clips up. The bikes value is only around £3k and the fact it's a track bike means it's life could be over with one more big flip into the gravel, so I'm always wary of throwing too much money at it.

    Obvious options such as Samco, Roose Motorsport and SFS were all roughly £130. I usually buy good quality parts but I was also interested in how much of that £ is the brand. I'd seen the G-PLUS hoses on ebay before and they looked ok in the photos but I was skeptical on how good the actual product received would be. General reviews of chinese hoses on youtube looked bad, not enough reinforcement, silicone had a bad smell and poor dull finish. The G-PLUS did appear to be of a better standard than the rest of the chinese unbranded stuff, so for £25 delivered I thought it was worth it, even just for investigative purposes.

    I was expexting delivery in March but they arrived today, 2 days after I placed the order. The seller was based in China with no mention of a UK distributer but I won't complain. I have not yet fitted the hoses but first impressions are good. They seem to be reinforced well, they are not too soft or hard and very similar to a Samco hose in that respect. The finish is glossy and the final wrap is consistant. They do not smell bad like the cheap silicone hoses supposedly do. I have offered them up to the bike and they seem to be ok dimensionally. The only slight criticism I have is that looking from the end of hoses, the outerlayers can be slightly thicker on one side so they are not circumferentially perfect. Doesn't look like it will cause a problem. I will be fitting them in the next few weeks so I can finish the review off. Could be good news or bad news but either way for £25 it's worth it for an insight into the quality coming out of China.

    So to summarise, would I buy them and fit them to a nice shiny Ducati, probably not, it deserves better but for my purpose it might work out ok. Looking at them close up they do not look like they would just let go, scald me in hot coolant, wriggle loose and strangle me. Also with a track bike I won't be hundreds of miles from home if something happends. Ok you could argue that if I can't fix the issue then i've wasted my money on the track day and that could have gone towards a set of Samco's but so far i'm only £25 in. TBH, Im expecting the 'worse case' scenario to be coolant weepage like I have now on the OEM hoses, buts lets see. Overall the product is better than I thought it would be.




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  2. Have you previously bought Samco or similar?
  3. I've not bought Samco or similar but I have worked with them on cars and bikes. My brother has a set of sfs on his caterham.
  4. On 1st impression, are they worth the extra?
  5. I think I would need to have both side by side to compare properly and at this point i'm purely going on look and feel. The G-PLUS hoses 'may' not work, i'd be surprised if they didnt though. The question's I want to answer....
    1. Are the G-PLUS hoses infact a risk not worth taking and I should have known better.
    2. Or are they fine, a good product that can be produced cheaper in China and the extra quality offered by Samco just isnt required in this situation.
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  6. I've used a couple of sets with no issues.
    Bin the clips they give you though.
  7. Hi Haydn,
    I'm interesting in buying G-PLUS Hose kit for my cbr600rr.
    How many kilometers\miles have you ride with them ?
    Are you satisfied ?
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