Game Of Thrones

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by El Toro, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. your about 4hrs ahead right? you'll miss santa.
  2. Not to worry, I'll catch up with him next week.
  3. meh,
    i would rush. santas changed.
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  4. I liked Pesky Blinders, if anyone cares ........
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  5. New series on in 3 minutes. Can't wait :)
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  6. Watching it on demand. Ed Sheeran singing wtf?
  7. And now Dennis Pennis.
    Is the “darling” community that short of actors?
  8. Narcos, that's amazing

    Game of Thrones is right up there but Narcos is just as awesome.

    Not really drug TV, I suppose it is but not full of drug addicts
  9. Watched it early (Sky Q) and getting ready for Thronecast now.

    That Ed Sheehan bit did cheapen it somewhat. Half expected him to face the camera and tell you the song was now available on Spotify & iTunes.

    Love that little Bear Island Mormont girl. I think she should rule.
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  10. I'm a bit disappointed. An hour gone and Ms Stormborn hasn't got her boobs out yet.
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  11. Good first episode!
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  12. The Aiya Stark character impresses me.
  13. It's a toss up between her and Sansa as to who will triumph in the end. Or not as the case may be.
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  14. I think Aiya was looking a little lesbian and now I'm thinking her and Yara Greyjoy will hook up.

    John snow & Dani hook up and Sansa and the new Lord Commander (who clearly fancies her) will hook up and run up't north.

    Probably all wrong, don't care. Just want to see what happens between Brien of Tarth and her wildling admirer.
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  15. That reminds me I must clean the downstairs toilet.
  16. [​IMG]
    She'd get it.... may be a quick wash first... or may be not.
  17. She is supposed to be a Tom boy... so perhaps that where it comes from.
  18. Natalia Tena, She's in Molotov Jukebox.
  19. Never liked it, but I've seen most of it as the girlfriend watches it. Didn't see the last season as she happened to watch most of it when I was out.
  20. I'm still not that into Poldark, despite watching it when the wife does. I'd happily miss episodes if I'm out or something. Don't get Downton either... sinfully boring.

    Love all the political drama things though. Versailles, Thrones, Tudors, etc... also another one who loved Narcos. Just not sure how that will carry on without the main man.