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Featured Garage Renovation - What’s Your Like

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. It a cat hunting trophy. The head is displayed on the other side of the wall. :bucktooth:
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  2. its electrically operated with mechanical safety devices.

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  3. I wonder how many are Googling lv8 now? I know I just did. Good looking kit and different from the usual stuff on the market. :upyeah:
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  4. Just use the link :thinkingface:................:yum
  5. Yeah, well I typed before you posted, plus it took longer for my post to reach the server coz I live further away ;)
  6. I know :)
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  7. 9D6F2194-BD29-4A85-9497-3F7C5D2350F3.jpeg
    The flooring came yesterday morning I got this far quite quickly, but then six tiles after this, my back went and I spent from 3pm yesterday not able to do anything.
    You’re supposed to lay all the uncut tiles out and wait 24 hours before you start cutting around the edges anyhoo.
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  8. 98F09A25-05C4-4050-A55C-52F2682A3D81.jpeg
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  9. What tiles?

    When I was looking, other than the foam ones, the rest were more expensive than gold!
  10. I've a mate that does flooring and his tip is "Once you get down, stay down". Apparently it's the jumping up and down all day that does for the legs and back. :thinkingface:
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  11. I got them from ‘Garage Pride’, I followed the link Robarano posted earlier. There are cheaper alternatives (my garage floor came to £800) but these seem to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of interlocking, rubberised, 7mm PVC flooring.

    There are no pockets in shrouds.
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  12. You could have told him yesterday morning. :eyes: ;)
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  13. Last leg of the big paint....hopefully enough left to do the ceiling!

    Interesting @El Toro when I chose to go with smaller picture to save server space, it spins the picture. Is this why some have the issue?
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  14. But I'll check it out
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  15. You're using iOS13, right?
    In photos on your iPhone, open the picture you want to upload and click edit. Do something, anything, to edit it, auto adjust the colour or crop it slightly, then save the edited version. Forever more when you want to upload it to here it'll be OK, even if you change the file size from original to small, med, or large.

    It took me many posts to work out how to stop it happening. As for why it happens, I'm still non the wiser,
  16. If/I load as picture is, at 4.5mb, it works fine. If I take the option for small, medium or large it spins the picture. I have edited psi’s where it’s spun, so I deleted the pic and uploaded again as original side and it’s fine.
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  17. Well, while Mrs B has been painting, she is adamant I’d do a shot job so refuses to let me, I have lined up the frame for her new shed that I am waiting for some screws and nails to be delivered to fit, power washed the patio, made a steak and Guinness pie (well, it’s half way there simmering) and generally just messed about. I did rub it down first tho... picture to follow....
    #178 bradders, Apr 11, 2020
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  18. Here’s the worker, almost done...
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  19. And done. Ready for the final layout :upyeah::)
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