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  1. hi could anyone help, I’m trying to Bluetooth my Garmin Zumo 660 to the Multi 1260. But whilst picking up the bike on the dash I can’t get it to pair, it says unable to pair & ask if I want another pass key. I noticed in the owners book that they mention the Zumo 395, 396 but no Zumo 660, so am I just wasting my time doing this. I can’t see the benefits of buying a new Zumo just to pair to the bike , am I missing something ?
  2. The 660 is a fine piece of old garmin kit brighter than my latest gen garmin kit. What benfit do you think you will gain from connecting it?? My other bike has the 660, my enduro has the 595.

    Many biker sites have had these sort of conversation about too much technology. What are you actually doing on your bike? Listening to verbal instructions, awaiting texts, listening to music/audio-books?....intercoms with other bikers..whats what?
  3. Hi GunZenBom2 thanks for replying. I have purchased a Packtalk bold for me & the wife. I have recently bought a new 1260 Multi & thought I could link them with my sat nav via the Ducati Multimedia display for trips away. Cheers
  4. Plus my iPhone as well
  5. I'd personally avoid (as I have) the bike pairing system. Stick to using your intercoms with the gps & whatever relaying you combine online info from your iphone. More knowledgable people will be along to help guide you I'm sure by days end.

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  6. Thanks for that, I also don’t think buying a new Garmin is justified as my 660 is good for me.
  7. I think you can have a conflict with Bluetooth if you're not careful. I have a Zumo 660 and I use Sena headsets, I pair the master headset to the sat nav and then pair the headsets together, but that is sena and I'm not familiar with Packtalk. But it works fine and I don't link it to the bikes Bluetooth system.
  8. Cheers for that Bob, it looks like a lost cause to me thanks
  9. I'm sure you'll be OK but I don't think you need to connect to the 1260 Bluetooth system
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  10. I would agree, it's probably easier to disconnect everything then start as follows.
    Intercoms paired
    Sat Nav paired
    iPhone paired
    (unless the iPhone is more important to you)

    I also avoided the Ducati system, from what I've read when it works it's great but it's a PITA to set up
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  11. Cheers for that Twin4me
  12. As an aside, me & my pal ride with Scala Rider 9x(?). My Zumo 395, headset and iPhone all connect to bike and back out to my headset, no problem, BUT, when the Satnav starts giving out directions, the bike to bike comms drop out for an age. It got so bad that we had to drop the Satnav from the loop. That problem may well affect rider to passenger comms, so my advice is don't bother with it?
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  13. Hi GZBZ,
    You're making a good point here by raising the question (re-worded): What are you seeking from the technology?
    You don't need the Ducati System Display Interface if its only for:
    • Comm with passenger or other riders
    • Verbal instruction from your GPS
    • Listening to media
    Pairing to the Ducati system with give you a visual display that you have received a text and will display the name of the in-bound callers with re-dial possibility.
    Other than that, not much is offered as volume control and media display is hit and miss.
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  14. Sena 20S has a special pairing for GPS. If you pair your Zumo to 20S as GPS (not phone), then Satnav directions will not interrupt intercom.
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  15. Cheers for the advice I think I will just carry on without the bike media system.
  16. I've got a 660 and have tried pairing to the bike. After some googling around, I discovered that the 660 doesn't work with the Multi system. I can only assume that the bike only supports newer BT profiles as the newer Garmin's are no problem.
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  17. Hi it does seem like that in the book it states 3 Garmin but the 660 isn’t in there. The Ducati badged one was over £700, whereas the non Ducati badged 395 was about £400 from memory, but my 660 is great for me so I will just have to muddle on without it linking to the bike.
  18. Frankly, I don't see what you're missing. My Garmin acts as a hub for phone and Bluetooth headset. Unless you want to link in a pillion headset to hear the sat nav too then I don't think you're missing much. I can see who's calling and what music is playing on the screen of my Garmin without involving the bike. Not that I tend to answer/make calls on the move and only tend to listen to music on long motorway rides anyway.
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  19. It’s not a fact of missing anything , it’s about trying to use my Accessories with the bike.
  20. We often get obsessed about having every feature working in sync. Doesn't work that way most of the time.
    You have to pick your battles based on what's most important for you.
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