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  1. And in this piece...........

    “Mr York defended the decision to hold Mr Gait for an extended period, despite his employer saying he was at work during the drone flights.”

    Who’s in charge of plod down there? Charlie Caroli?
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  2. Bloody hell ET, how old are you :)
  3. Very.
  4. 137 :eyes:
  5. Think he was a mate of Freddie Frinton.
  6. I think the French did it.

    The few weeks drone disruption meant gatwicks share prices dropped a bit, enough for the french investment group Vinci, to up it's share into a majority share of 50.01%

    Crafty Frenchies :D
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  7. So if you get information suggesting a suspect/s do you just ignore it.....

    no corse you fooking dont otherwise the same ones would be bleating that the job wasn't investigated properly!.. you investigate, arrest, interview, substantiate their story eliminate them from the enquiry...
    i think you'll find it wasn't the police that released their identities, beamed their facebook pictures around the world, hung them out to dry........oh and then slimed in completely from the other side. The behaviour of the press truly wants investigating!
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  8. Nope bin suggesting the olive stop trying to be celebrities and do what they used to do; quietly and effectively go about their business of helping and protecting us.
  9. [​IMG]

    That was then followed by


    It's about time the press had a short leash on these things till charges are actually made. I hope the couple go after a number of these papers
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  10. I bet they get a framed copy of that from family next Christmas :thinkingface:
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  11. Modern reporting
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  12. intrusive bastids
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  13. But who tells them? #freecliffrichards
  14. Noobie,Can we please get rid of the freeloaders with a black marker pen :thinkingface:
  15. i dont know...who does?
  16. And Arthur Askey
  17. Chief Constable now suggests 'some of the drones' may have been his forces own drones.

    That seems to indicate more evidence that there are dickheads at the top.

    The lower ranks must despair - I'm not surprised my brother and my best mate couldn't wait to get out of the Essex force and the Met, once their term was up.
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  18. Now heathrow airport closed due to a sighting of drone:eek:
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  19. R. I. D. I. C. U. L. O. U. S
  20. FFFS
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