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  1. Hey and then Gatwick has been sold! Wow what a coincidence.

    Le Drone est tres success!
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  2. The Chartered Surveyor obviously arrived on the wrong day.
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  3. May be that they used drones for the survey ....
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  4. Personally i think its bastids like this that are fooking the country over ..

    Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 09.36.23.png
  5. Oi!

    I flew out of Gatwick to get sun and cold beer
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  6. Well that's capitalism and free market economy for you. :)

    Let's sell all the infrastructure off and then watch as it's run for profit at our expense. Yay .
  7. So what has taken Gatwick from a market value of 1.5bn to 6bn in the last 7 years?
  8. Delays, boosting sales in the Duty Free shops? :thinkingface:
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  9. Poor wages paid out to those on the ground, lack of real investment in the quality of service, gross temporary inflation of the good bits, papering over the crack and ignoring the bad bits, with an end date in sight that those with the free shares and share options can work to grab the profit and fook it...
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  10. And several refinances in between with interest rates of 15% payable before tax and dividends no doubt.

    Venture capitalists are worse than bank robbers. And the whole thing should be outlawed
  11. Brexit and the rosy future French business see for the UK :thinkingface:
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  12. If now owned by the French, advise the employees to act like the French. Get on the yellow jackets, stand on the runways, wreck the place, sorted, pay rises, full pension at 50 and 50 days a year paid leave.
    May it work for ya people :bucktooth: it's the French way
  13. But still just one runway.
  14. Gatwick has to be the worst UK airport to fly from. Terrible to get to, faculties aren’t the best, almost mega queues for check in and passport control.
  15. but its a massive part of britain...these greedy self indulgent bastids with no interest in anything other than their selves, are selling off the country jewels you can call it big business, i call it anti country no wonder we are fooked... fooking french!
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  16. Latest from keystroke cops;
    “Of course, we will have launched our own Sussex police drones at the time with a view to investigate, with a view to engage, with a view to survey the area looking for the drone, so there could be some level of confusion there.”
    I think Sussex police actions need investigation by the Met!
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  17. Who watches the watchmen....
  18. "Keystroke cops".

    LOL, why didn't I think of that?
  19. Sussex head cop has sympathy for those arrested, has accepted they had no part and are cleared but we’re worthy of investigating and his force acted appropriately. He added that at least they are in the clear.

  20. Tosser, They should have gace the couple a quiet knock. Not inform the press and pit the poor coiuple under unimaginable stress in the public eye.

    I hope they sue. :upyeah:
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