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For Sale Gilles Extreme Ergo Levers.

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by baylissboy, Feb 24, 2020.

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  1. I have a pair of Gilles levers, they were fitted to the Streetfighter I bought, but weren't really my taste, sorry @Robarano, so I've taken them off & fitted the standard levers.
    The are in as new condition, obviously fit the Streetfighter, but I'm guessing they will fit most Ducatis or that era, ie 848, 1098 & maybe more, please check before purchasing.
    I'm looking for £125 + postage.
    I will ad some photos shortly.

    DSC_2490.JPG DSC_2489.JPG DSC_2488.JPG
    Photos of levers, they are as new.

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  2. I can't remember what these fitted when I bought them. I wonder if they'll fit the Panigale. :thinkingface:
  3. I would think they'd fit all 1098 & 848 shape bikes. To be honest as Ducati use a lot of the same components between models I'd bet they will fit most bikes. Look good on your 1098R @Robarano!!!
  4. Already have them on the 1098R Steve. Was wondering about the Pani
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  5. Now SOLD......thanks.
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