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Gilles Rearsets & Brake Switch

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by West Cork Paul, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Today I fitted some Gilles rearsets I’d picked up off eBay to my M1100S, took a bit of working out without any instructions and what with having to relocate the rear brake cylinder and install a new reservoir but I got there. The only thing now is I just can’t work out a way to affix a switch for the rear brake light. Allegedly the rearsets came off a 796 so the layout should be the same but.......
    original brake switch (circled)
    micro switch which came with the rearsets.
    I can’t see anyway to attach either the original switch or the micro switch such that they are triggered when the pedal is pressed down. It’s not just a case if attaching them, I can’t even find a place to position them.

    Then there’s the issue the micro switch has 3 wires whereas the original switch only has 2, so even if I could attach the micro switch Im not sure how I’d wire it into the loom which is only expecting 2 wires.

    Does anyone have any experience or bright ideas pls?

  2. Put a pressure switch on the hydraulic connection?
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  3. That’s what I did, Paul. Easy enough and cheap as chips. I still use the original rear brake switch but my rcs front master had no provision for a switch so stuck the brake banjo bolt on the front calliper.

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  4. upload_2020-2-15_11-2-8.jpeg
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  5. Thanks a mill:upyeah: I did search high & low on Google but couldn’t find anything like that, I’ll go through it. Much appreciated.
  6. Glad I could help. Yours look slightly different but the switch part should be the same.
  7. Perfect:upyeah:. It worked a treat. Took a little bit of adjusting and faffing about but now it's all good. Where I was going wrong was I assumed (wrongly) the microswitch had to be clicked in to make the connection and power the brake light - wrong, it's default position is on and it has to be clicked, or held, in to break the connection. I live and learn. Thanks:upyeah:
  8. Success! :)

    Looking at the slider arm - is it possible that it was broken in the past and someone has made up a replacement? It doesn’t look like a Gilles part to me.
  9. Yeah, I questioned that as well, wasn't at all obvious in the pictures on eBay (what a surprise). The left hand slider arm one is as it should be, with all the markings, plus with just the one allen bolt on the top to loosen off to adjust the reach and the angle. The one on the right, however, has the allen bolt on the top to adjust the angle but 2 bolts on the slider arm have to be loosened to adjust the reach. Perhaps the previous owner dropped their bike, it got damaged and they had someone machine up a replacement:thinkingface:. It all works fine though so no harm done, and they were relatively cheap.

    IMG_2339 (1).jpg
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