Gilmore’s Guitars

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Char, Jan 30, 2019.

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  1. Interviewed on radio 6 music this afternoon.
  2. I was always hoping the 3 surviving members would do one last tour but I don’t think it will happen now.
    Absolute genius, Les Paul for me though.
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  3. Ginger Gilmour once told me back in 2000 that dave wished he had longer fingers :upyeah:well i think he did ok...don't you.
  4. I know which one is Pink is, but who’s Ginger?
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  5. Top marks for humor:D ginger was the first wife with four children:upyeah:
  6. So it was Ginger who wished Dave had longer fingers then!
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  7. It is a true statement from her lips....but also loaded for the dirty minds:upyeah:
  8. Get you knocking around with rock stars.....wives. :)
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  9. He was probably just cleaning her windows
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  10. Lovely lady and very talented in the workshop and the kitchen:upyeah:
  11. I’ll bet she is, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more squire, say no more!
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  12. A truly cunning linguist!
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  13. All to be sold for charity too...
    wonderful gesture from one amazing guy and brilliant guitarist..
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  14. I believe he has just got to the stage in his life where is willing to let go of certain personal possessions that are no longer necessary in his every day life. Technology has come a long way since these early guitars were made, most the the gear he uses in his new recordings/live events are bang up to date and very advanced. He only uses the black strat as a bit I’d a crowd pleaser.
    I guess we all get to stage in life where we need to de clutter, and perhaps he is at that stage. In light of his previous charity work and ongoing charitable trusts this seems an ideal way to let go.
    Keith Richards on the other hand has 4-5000 guitars dotted about his various houses around the world and isn’t even aware or used a tiny proportion of them. Same applies to Clapton and Steve Lukather.
    Like I said earlier. Gilmour just feels it’s right time for someone else to enjoy them. Im sure Fender or Gibson are happy to supply him with any axe of his choice.
  15. He could let me have one,just one.
  16. Aussie Pink Floyd guitarist David Domminney Fowler talks about the sounds and his guitars, I’ve seen these guys play over the last 6 years and they just blow me away every time

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  17. I agree with pretty much all this except that i don't think he will find better guitars now. The classic stuff from the 50s and 60s is still what pros want to play because to them it sounds and feels better. There have been no technological advances at Fender and Gibson that make their modern stuff better than their vintage stuff. In fact, they spend all their time trying to recreate the old stuff.

    I think the Black Strat was more than a crowd pleaser. I suspect it was a workhorse for him. I question the wisdom of selling it as it is so much part of the Gilmour brand, but I admire him for doing so. As he points out, any one of a number of replicas is going to be very close, perhaps even better, so it's not as if his music or sound will suffer. The 001 Fender on the other hand was clearly more of a possession than a tool.

    Hats off to a very generous and principled man. He already sold a superfluous house some years ago and given the money to Shelter. Getting rid of stuff is cool. Most of us just have way too much of it, as becomes clear when you have to deal with a departed family member's stuff.
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  18. Sold his Ferrari F40 recently too. He and Nick Mason collected their cars, driving them back to the UK. Yes. He is definitely de-cluttering his life.