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Discussion in 'Monster' started by Mark9, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. I bought this last night, really pleased with it, it’s the standard M1200 with 135bhp, more than enough for me!

    63ADB223-E826-44DB-A67F-BFF8F2DA1620.jpeg .
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  2. Very nice & with a twin sound system included:upyeah:
  3. Thanks, yes it did have a very loud soundtrack!, one baffle was missing, too loud for me so I made one this afternoon, much better now, I’ll get an original when one comes up second hand, I refuse to pay £80 for a new one!
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  4. Blistering pace and power! Plus, easy to ride and comfortable! With a bit of extra seat padding this would be an all day long bike. I found I was over mine after about 3-400km.
    But that sound from the Termis!.....
  5. Look after the pennies & they look after the pounds,wiseman:upyeah:
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  6. Looks lovely. Really smart bike. Congratulations.
  7. Nice bike, 1200 Monsters are such good fun and so easy to ride bloody quickly ✊