Gold Rim Paint Code

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  1. Anyone advise me on the paint code very close to the rims on my old 999s?? 2015-08-08 13.43.19.jpg 2015-08-30 14.18.25.jpg Got some mixed up but its way out
  2. Don't know, nice though. I believe @Android853sp had some done to match his 1098R ones, he may be able to help.

    @Ben Mallinson also has gold wheels, he may know.
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  3. I don't have the colour code but I will see if I can get hold of it :) Was wanting to get a touch up pen myself so will either pop over to see the lads on service or give them a bell tomorrow. Will let you know how I get on ;)
  4. That's great, Appreciated mate
  5. Just for reference, here's a photo of mine and Mrs M's. Hopefully this is the gold your looking for...

    Both bikes have exactly the same shade of gold on the wheels, it's quite staggering how different it looks with varying light levels though!

    WP_20170515_19_21_13_Pro.jpg IMG_20170420_103844.jpg WP_20170326_13_36_43_Pro.jpg WP_20170326_13_34_20_Pro.jpg WP_20170326_11_29_59_Pro.jpg WP_20170326_11_31_03_Pro.jpg
  6. ^^^ That is stunning, That's the exact colour I want, Yours has a slightly nicer tone to it. Should make a massive difference to my SFS 2015-07-25 21.11.01.jpg
  7. It is a lovely colour and really transformed the look of both our bikes.. Will see what I can do with regards to getting the code and let you know :)
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  8. Similar to my old 848, also looked different depending on light! the bodyshop that painted them just said it was the gold that they use on pro drive wheels that come on some Subaru. No idea if you can get a code from that online.

    The wheels
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpg
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  9. That does look very similar! Been across and had a word with the lads on the service desk but was unable to get a code for the paint. Response I got was that the paint shop they use mixes the colour on site and it's not something they are privy too... unfortunately that draws me at a blank this end...

    So the long and short of it is I don't know if ours are actually a Ducati colour or a mix the painter uses... I do seem to recall seeing something about the Ducati gold colour code being a closely guarded secret though and only one manufacturer holds the details for the mix...

    I think I copied and pasted this info in to a word document at work when I come across it. Will have a look if this would be any help for you...

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.
  10. No problem mate, Thanks for trying, Was in touch with the guy I bought the 999s of but his painter couldn't give him the code, Its so easy to get the wrong shade and just looks terrible, I had my old tuono wheels painted gold and they turned out horrible 2009-05-04 11.48.35.jpg worried I may end up with something that looks plain wrong
  11. I know what you mean fella. Another option would be to try and get local supplier to try an colour match or get as close as possible if you can get a bike with the right colour wheels there or even a chip of the colour...

    If your really stuck, I could call in at local supplier to us whilst out on one of our bikes to see what they have to say and see if they can closely match it and see if I can get a code for you...
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  12. I think the secret gold your referring to is the 1098r wheel colour? Which was Pailini or something like that. Has a slight silver tint to it and is a much lighter colour to yours and mine.

    I'm not sure there is a specific Ducati gold. Marchesinis will be anodized and the early stuff like 916 is quite a flat bronze ish gold.

    See if they know what bbs gold is the code is gk1 Google it and you will see the shade, I'd say that's what they used to do mine
  13. Also interested so please post once you find out :fist:
  14. Ok. 1098R wheels are Hyundai Gold. Fuck knows what the numbers are but that's what it's called.
  15. This could help? 41qRFfSK9bL.jpg
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  16. Thats the information I was referring to coming across when starting out my initial research on changing to gold wheels...

    Looking back at it now, the photos in that thread are definitely not what I've ended up with which now makes me more confident that what the service guys said yesterday is accurate and wasn't just to fob me off :)

    Looking at the prodrive gold pic above, that doesn't look right to me... The colour on that wheel looks a bit brown in comparison to what mine and mrs m's wheel are and looks to lack the (for wanting of a better word) pop that ours has... Having said that though, it could just be the photo and could well look very different in the flesh.

    Will be out on Mrs M's monster later all being well so will call round at humberside paints and see if they can get a close match to ours and come up with a paint code that may be of use for you...

    I also checked the touch up bottle that the painter that did ours provided for us yesterday (small plastic bottle with the dregs in) and he's just marked it up as 'bright gold wheels - Ducati' which doesn't help us much...
  17. Search Engine these codes...

    F9657 2002 STI Gold

    DG 4JI 2004 STI Gold (Dupont Code)

    PMS #871

    All I did is a ''searched'' Subaru gold wheels code

    I'd just get them Titanium Nitrite coated
  18. Well I did get out earlier but when we were on the way to see what humberside paints could offer with regards to trying to match andthe get a colour code the sky's blackened and rain was imminent, so we bailed out and headed back home before the showers started...

    Will have to pop in next time I'm back I'm afraid.