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Gone Awol....update

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Arquebus, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Sorry to hear that and sorry to read about your latest situation.

    Best of luck though Al.

  2. Oh Al that’s pants :(
    A lot to weigh up for you. Sending you a big hug x
  3. Very sorry to read this, We can only hope that’s whatever course ahead you choose finds some comfort humour and enjoyment. You might consider keeping your riding boots at least until Ducati make a new MTS V4 that we unanimously like?? Wishing you and yours loved ones all the very best. Smiles and laughter are to be found in the strangest of places in the most difficult times.
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  4. Proper tough times mate. Time for choices. And difficult ones to make.
  5. Thanks all especially you Viv.

    Forget the hug, just send the pants.....

    Sorry about that, better not.....I know you have my address.
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  6. After a long Hepatitis illness about 40 years ago contracted in a filthy arab country, my Brother -in- law who is 71 now got testicular cancer, one gonad removed and radiotherapy he got through that. Last year he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer which had spread into the bones, he has managed to receive all the chemo he can and has regular hormone injections ?. he is now facing the offer of radiotherapy which having gone through it previously i think he is going to refuse it. He has a lust for life at the moment, but doesn't want to extend his living days by going through that awful treatment, his choice bless him. All about quality of life i suppose Al stay positive mate like my Bro.
  7. Best of luck @Arquebus very similar process to my dad at the minute I hope you are happy and at ease with your decisions! Lots of manly hugs the skitz!
  8. Thank you............but you can bet your life (or mine) that I ain't happy.
  9. All the best to you mate, I hope to be reading your posts on here for many a year.
  10. Hi @Arquebus I've been asked to relay the best wishes from all the convicts over on the Ducati Community they wanted you to know you are in there thoughts
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