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Good Accommodation For Pico’s ?

Discussion in 'Touring' started by HyperMac, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. Booking ahead for September next year for 2 people , does anyone have any recommendations for self catering accommodation in or around Potes ?
  2. We recently stayed at the Parador in Fuente De and the Infantado in Potes. Both were good although I preferred the Parador even if Fuente De was out of the way. The road up was awesome. Andy
  3. Thanks Andy.
    Just weighing up few options just now. Cheers
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  4. Hotel Ventasierra is on the N-621 south of Riano, if you are that way. This is clean, cheap and bike friendly. We were made very welcome at la Hornera de Bernardo at Ventanilla, near Cervera de Pisuerga, earlier this year. Again, very cheap, very local. I would be happy to stay at either of these again. Only use these if they are in the right place as I don't think you can go wrong in this area with the local pubs.

    Paradors at Fuente De and Cangas de Onis, if you taste runs that way. Fabulous Spa Hotel at Cofino, if taking the wife and she wants the day off while you go for a ride.
  5. Have you thought about Airbnb? We’ve used it a few times and have never been disappointed :)
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  6. Maybe! Did not get that far over on my recent trip. :upyeah:
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  7. Waiting to see what we get back after this years issues - will keep in touch if we do x
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  8. This year I’d have been there but I was meant to be in Mexico on my 25th anniversary....
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  9. We stayed in Riaño at Hostal Sainz, super clean, modern room with a great view over the lake. In the morning we opted for the big hearty breakfast which was great, setting us up for the ride to the ferry! The evening before, after riding across from Leon, checking in and then heading out to do the loop up to Cangas, across to Potes and back down to Riaño, we ate next door and ordered a steak that hung over both sides of the large plate most of it rested on! The mountain folk in the North of Spain know how to eat! Our stay at Hostal Sainz couldn't have been better

    Potes Airbnb (no dates selected):
  10. Hi Bradders, Yep, up for a trip, I’m sure Brett will too....
  11. Stayed in Hostal La Cuna del Stella in a village called Oseja de Sajambre on the
    N-625 which runs down to Riano (cracking road) back in 2016. Rode past it this morning and stopped for a coffee at the bar almost opposite for old times sake:D

    Very comfortable, decent breakfast and a nice restaurant up the road. It's a relatively high altitude village so if it's a town with some night life you're looking for then maybe this isn't for you. Didn't fit with this trip otherwise I would have stayed there again.
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