Good To See The Spirit Of Adventure Is Still Alive

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by GordonH, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. How the feck did he break the rear axle. Lard arse
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  2. corrosion, it's only weak spot.
    pandas rock. :upyeah:
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  3. Also known as the goldfish car:D
  4. dunno, i can see you inside a panda, assuming no other wild animal is available.....
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  5. Five gearboxes you say? In nearly 200 miles? Slightly outside the bell-curve there, finm, but only just.

  6.'ve clearly been thinking this through......
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  7. have you considered some kind of surgical enhancement procedure?
  8. Speaking as a 156 owner, I don't think you'd get very far in an Alfa.
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  9. hmm, i must of just been lucky with mine. mk2 156' alfa's also rock :upyeah:
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  11. You quote like old people fuck : o D
  12. so, you fuck like i quote? meh, at least yer getting some.
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  13. do camels count now? :worried:
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  14. I can't complain about my 156 really, it's a 2002 face-lift one model with 76000 on it. Has been very reliable after I did all the usual 156 things - full suspension overhaul, replace variator, belts, pulleys, water pump etc. But the rust will kill it in the end, had to have a fair bit of welding for last year's MOT. I still love driving it!
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  15. now there’s an idea
  16. If they kept to a similar concept that was applied to the first generation Panda I can fully understand that it would be a good choice re:- reliability. I still prefer my old Panda (still got 4 rotting away) to my current shopping car for it's simplicity and overall driving enjoyment.
  17. Why have cars got so huge. Put any hatchback car from say the 80's beside a new one, why are they getting so big. A mini isn't mini anymore, it's a family car.
  18. you can keep that fucker away from my lawn!
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  19. simple, McDonald's.
    i guess we all want to walk out of a 60mph head on these day's, maybe the shape is more efficient too. maybe?
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