1200 Got A Puncture :(

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  1. a bolt somehow got into my back tyre,”bang” recovery bloke fixed it with glue stuff and a piece of rubber temporary

    Should I just call Pro v twins, drop off the bike and let them do it? Or go to any other tyre place, im thinking about the 52mm nut? Ive read about

  2. Oh and should I ask for a specific tyre please?
  3. depends on what front you got?
  4. is it ridable?
  5. Thanks, so get a matching tyre? That sounds a reasonable plan
  6. Yes but he said go straight to garage for new tyre asap
  7. Where in the country would help
  8. Surrey, bike is currently in Redhill, sorry
  9. Pro-Twins would be OK but I prefer a dedicated tyre dealer as I suspect you'd get charged a lot more for fitting at a dealer than the £20 or so I pay, and a bigger range of suitable types. Rear wheel is easy and I've not found a tyre dealer who doesn't have the correct size socket.
    Definitely get a matching tyre for the rear if possible, though in extremist i had a Michelin PR4 fitted to the rear with Metzler front and I couldn't tell the difference.
    FYI I now use the Guildford Tyre Company who have a dedicated motorbike fitting centre in Chilworth, near Guildford. They are proffessional and do a good job.
  10. I’ve always found that ProTyre provide a good ride in, ride out service at a decent price
  11. If its properly plugged, just keep riding and wear it out IME. Check its holding pressure OK over a few rides.
  12. layed up after a potentially life-threatening tumble, awaiting an operation, the bloke is still on here helping others. 11/10 Jeremy. :upyeah::upyeah:
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  13. thanks guys

    Took it into P&H in the end, they were happy for me to leave it, Pro V seemed a bit grumpy about it, I said you may as well do a service whilst its there and he said mid August, so its at P&H, tyres were pirelli Angel somethings, they are charging me £195 lol, I don't care if I got ripped off, just want a tyre

    Thanks for the advice, especially if your laid up hehe GWS!
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  14. Watlings in Redhill should be ok, I'd take the 55mm socket tho just in case. Watlings fit mine but I take em loose.
  15. Last time I asked Watlings don't do bike tyres anymore.
    Fins did a puncture on mine but needed to borrow my paddock stand, have me tell them how to remove the tyre and then tried to change £60!

    I used to drop in at FWR in South London (£20 ride in and ride out)
  16. PS If you are in Redhill and fancy going for a ride out let me know as I'm in Reigate..
  17. I did a repair in the rear tyre of my R1 with this stuff before, bought from Halfords and rode until the tire was worn. Same I did (with the very same motorcycle tyre repair kit) on wife's ford Kuga and it was driven another 20K miles until it failed MOT for being under 1.6mm thread.:D.

    The only thing you need to observe well is if the puncture is within 3/4 of central zone of your tyre and you need to keep checking for leaks. In the case of my R1, I checked the pressure every time that I took the bike out. :upyeah:

    If you do track days or off road forget all I said. Just get new tyre.
  18. Thanks guys, have a new tyre (Pirelli Angel?) all done, cant be arsed worrying about tyre deflating so all good

    Twin4Me sure, thatd be great :)
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  19. Went for a spin lastweek and a couple of miles out stop to change the setting and then went to take off and I've a flat tyre just drove it home and got it pick up. I don't have a 55mm socket. but now all sorted
    You where right just to get the new tyre you wouldn't be worried every time you headed out